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2018 YEA Special Event Dates

YEA is the Yosemite Employee Association, a small collective of folks who donate their free time in order to provide much needed community-oriented services and social events to the Yosemite National Park area.

YEA's primary function is to raise funds in support of the education of the community's children. YEA does this by sponsoring many annual fundraiser events, such as Oktoberfest and Spring Fling!, as well as providing beverage services during the famous Sal's Taco Nights held every other Thursday, rain or shine. The money raised through entrance fees and beverage services goes directly to the management of the Carroll N. Clark Community Hall and towards providing scholarships for Yosemite area students. YEA also collaborates with other non-profit organizations by providing grants or donations.

YEA manages the daily operations of the Carroll N. Clark Community Hall, a property owned by the USDOI National Park Service and located within the El Portal Administrative Site of Yosemite National Park. YEA's custodial responsibilities extend to other structures associated with the use of the Community Hall, including the outdoor stage, lighting, storage area, etc. YEA also acts as liaison for contracted rehabilitation or renovation of the Community Hall, ensuring that the building and grounds are maintained for the safety and enjoyment by all of our community members.

By supporting YEA and YEA-sponsored events, you are directly supporting your community!

Serving our community...one beer at a time! 

2017 YEA Board Members
Co-Chairs: Lissie Kretch
Treasurer: Ben Stinnett & Garrett Dickman
Assistant Treasurer: Brina Mocsny
Secretary: Ian Carlson
Events: Connor Timpone & Tyler Devine
Outreach: Sarah Sugarman & Elizabeth Gerrits
Hall Managers: Katie Manion & Lora Spielman
(see this page of our website for information about reserving the El Portal Community Hall)