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    Charter & Bylaws

    Iron Tree Blooming: Charter and By-Laws

    Article I – Name

         Iron Tree Blooming: Elon University’s Meditation Society

    Article II – Purpose

         To provide Elon University students, faculty and staff with an opportunity to participate in
         meditation as well as to encourage an understanding of Eastern spiritual traditions.

    Article III - Membership

         Section 1: Eligibility
         Iron-Tree Blooming is open to all students, faculty, and staff of Elon University.

         Section 2: Good Standing
         Membership: Anyone enrolled on the mailing list is considered a member of Iron Tree Blooming.

         Voting Member: Only members who have attended five or more sittings are eligible to vote. 
         Because attendance is not taken, members are on their honor to follow this bylaw.

         The advisor is not a voting member, except in cases of a tie vote.

    Article IV - Governance

         Section 1 – Officers
              A. President: There shall be a president who will preside at all meetings, communicate group
              information to members through e-mail, appoint necessary committees or officers based on 
              need, call special meetings of the group as a whole or the officers, conduct electronic voting, 
              and act as a liaison between the officers and the advisor. The final duty of the president is to 
              meet with the newly elected president to answer any questions and explain the necessary 

              B. Treasurer: There shall be a treasurer who will order needed supplies, keep itemized 
              records of receipts and disbursements, prepare all financial statements and budget requests 
              in accordance with Student Government Association rules and present a memorandum     
              summarizing the financial position of the society to the members at the end of each
              semester' responsibilities.

              C. Other Officers: The duties of additional officers shall be defined in writing at the time the
              president creates the new office. All positions end at the end of the fall term.

         Section 2: Officer Elections
              A. All officer and advisor elections shall occur at the end of every fall term. The election shall 
              be conducted by an electronic ballot of those members eligible to vote. All candidates must 
              be willingly and knowingly nominated by another member, or self-nominated. To run for office, 
              one must be an eligible voting member, unless no voting members are nominated. The
              ballot should be presented to members a week before Reading Day and the results will be 
              made public by the end of Reading Day.

         Section 3: Term Of Office
              A. The term of office shall be one year, beginning January 1st.

         Section 4: Vacancies in Officer Positions
              A. Upon a vacancy in the office of the president, the treasurer shall assume the duties of the 
              president and perform all presidential functions as stated in Article IV, Section 1, subsection
              A, including appointing a new treasurer.

         Section 5: Removal of Members and Officers
              A. Removal of Members- The following are reasons for initiating removal proceedings:
                   1. Regularly engaging in flagrantly disrespectful behavior towards the group.
                   2. Violations of regulations set forth in the Elon University Student Handbook.

              B. Reasons for Removal of Officers- The following are reasons for initiating removal 
                   1. Regularly engaging in flagrantly disrespectful behavior towards the group.
                   2. Violations of regulations set forth in the Elon University Student Handbook.
                   3. Failure to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of his/her office as defined in this charter 
                   and its by-laws.

              C. Procedure for Removal of Members and Officers
                   Any member in good standing with the society may bring charges against another member
                   or officer by presenting their concerns to the president. The accused member or officer 
                   must be notified in writing by the president of the reason for the proposed removal in 
                   advance of the meeting to consider removal. In the event that the officer proposed to be
                   removed is the president, the concerns referred to in sentence one of this subsection
                   shall be presented to the treasurer who shall notify the president in writing of the reason 
                   for the proposed removal. The accused member or officer will be given the opportunity to 
                   challenge the proposed removal at the meeting prior to any vote on his/her continued 
                   membership and/or removal from office. To revoke membership or to remove an officer 
                   from his/her position, a majority vote by a secret ballot of the eligible voters then in 
                   attendance is required. The advisor must be present at any such meeting.

    Article V - Meetings

              Section 1: Regular Meetings
                   Iron Tree Blooming will meet weekly during the academic year. The president shall notify
                   members of any changes in date, location, or timing of the meetings.

              Section 2: Official Meetings
                   The President and Treasurer are required to attend all mandatory Student Government 
                   Association meetings and submit all mandatory SGA documents in a timely fashion.

              Section 3: Quorum and Voting
                   Minimum of five people.

    Article VI - Finances

              Section 1: SGA Funds
                   The club will request funding from the SGA each spring to support club activities for the
                   following academic year.

              Section 2: Fund-Raisers
                   All members are encouraged to participate in any fund-raiser for the year.

    Article VII - Advisor

              Section 1: Advisor Selection
                   A. A faculty advisor shall be selected at the same time as annual officer elections.
                   B. Candidates may be nominated by any member. A candidate’s permission to be 
                   nominated must be ascertained prior to the nomination.

              Section 2: Duties
                   A. The advisor should be a meditation practitioner, if possible. She or he is responsible for
                   the signing of all paperwork concerning the group with the University and is encouraged 
                   but not required to participate in group activities. The advisor also provides guidance and 
                   mentorship for officers.

    Article VIII - Amendments

              Section 1: Presenting Amendments
                    Proposed amendments to this charter and by-laws shall be presented at least one week 
                    before voting. These amendments must be approved by a majority vote done by 
                    electronic secret ballot.

    Elon University Campus Mediation Organization sponsored by the Student Government Association.