All About Us

Our staff is committed to working together with our family community to provide rigorous instruction in a caring environment.

  • We are a new school, founded in 2013.  We are growing each year  until we reach 5th grade in 2018-19.
  • Responsive Classroom is our foundation for social, emotional and academic learning.  Each day begins with a Morning Meeting where students practice how to become successful learners and members of our school community.
  • All of our students participate in our Dual Language Program and study their Reading, Writing and Mathematics curriculum in both Spanish and English.
  • Parents are our most important partners.  Elm Tree offers a variety of ways for parents to stay connected while at home or visiting us at school.  
  • Our students study science in a "hands-on" science lab.
  • Both parents and students receive health and nutrition lessons through our CookShop Program.
  • Students daily use the latest technology for reading, mathematics, skill building and research.