The series of ceramic vessels that I have put together are a result of my experimentation with clay as a material as well as with texture. In doing this I have created a variety of cups, bowls, vases and larger vessels that display this idea largely through folding, draping, splitting, cracking and smoothing the pieces. Ultimately, I am looking to see at which point and under what circumstances the material folds, cracks or collapses - creating a very organic form in the process. Within my work, I am also largely influenced by the human body and its many shapes and forms.

Growing up, I was presented with the suffering involved with body image disorders. This early and steady exposure to this ailment of the mind and body heavily altered and affected my values and ideals concerning my own body image. This hyper-awareness of figure, shape and form have had an immense impact on my ceramic work specifically. As I found myself comparing various body shapes, I turned to sculpture to try to better understand the diversity of the human body. In doing this, I recognized these connections between human figures and similar, yet more expressive and abstract, forms that I could create with wheel-thrown vessels. Through these studies, the clay allows me a seemingly endless array of possibilities in manipulating this material that already seems to lend itself so effortlessly to resembling the human body.

        To exhibit this series of work, I plan to display a single textured slab in the center of the middle showcase. I do not plan to mount the slab, as it rests well on its own leaning in an upright position. Above and below the slab and in the left and right showcases, I intend to display the vessel work. The vessels that I have created are either reduction, oxidation or soda-fired, and range in size from 2-3/8 inches tall to 13-1/8 inches tall. Although they differ in size, glaze application and method of firing, they go together well as a collection because of their shared aesthetic qualities. Therefore, there are various possibilities of arrangements within the case that would work well.