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Chromebook Cost and Payment Plans

York Student Chromebook Cost
Students new to York in 2019-2020 pay $320 for a Lenovo 500e Chromebooks plus 8% Illinois sales tax*. The student owns the device and may take it with them upon graduating or dis-enrolling from the District.

See the Chromebook Repair/Replacement page for more details on Chromebook repairs and the Chromebook Protection Plan that covers 1 accidental damage incident and out-of-warranty repairs for students in grades 6 through 12.

Payment Options
Chromebooks, along with textbooks, fees and yearbooks, can all be purchased in one transaction with cash, check, or credit card (MasterCard, Discover or Visa) during book sales in August, or upon enrollment in York.
We acknowledge that the cost of Chromebooks may be burdensome for some families. We will work with families who are facing challenges paying for Chromebooks and books in general. The following options are in place to help ease the financial impact:
  • Deferred Payment Plan – Families have the option of paying for Chromebooks over the course of five months. A payment plan form will be available during book sales. Once the full amount is paid, the family owns the device and the student may take the device with them upon graduating or dis-enrolling from the District. Prior to making the final payment the device remains the property of District 205.
  • District Financial Assistance – Families that meet guidelines established by the District will receive a Chromebook on loan which can be used by the student for the duration of his/her time in the District. To receive assistance, the Request for Financial Assistance form must be completed and returned to the District 205 Center, 162 S. York, with the required supporting documentation. After July 1, these forms can be found on the District 205 registration website or in the York Principal’s Office.
If there are extenuating circumstances for which the above options do not meet a family's financial needs, the family may contact their child’s counselor or social worker for further assistance.

*Tax on the resale of the Chromebook and case is required by Illinois Department of Revenue (Ill. Gen. Info. Ltr. ST 12-0003-GIL, Jan. 11, 2012). According to the Illinois Department of Revenue, “when governmental units make sales that are not in direct performance of their governmental function, the sales are generally taxable.” This is to ensure that governmental entities do not have a competitive advantage when selling items that are also sold by other Illinois retailers.