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Calculator Information

All Frosh Geometry students are required to have a graphing calculator from the Texas Instruments TI-83/84 family. Students can purchase their own or rent one from the York Bookstore. If a calculator is purchased, please mark it indelibly with the student's name

Frosh Geometry Course Description:

Frosh Geometry is designed for students who are skillful with the basics of first-year Algebra as they will need to apply these topics in geometric contexts. Work with geometry begins with properties of angles and segments, which form the basis of deductive proofs. Those proofs and the tools of algebra are used to explore congruent triangles, parallel lines and polygons. Additional topics include similar figures, right triangles, right triangle trigonometry, circles, area and volume. The Geometer’s Sketchpad software is used to apply course topics and introduce students to geometric transformations. A TI84/83 Plus graphing calculator is required.