2016 Educational Alignment Study

In conjunction with the Focus 205 Phase 1 findings and its evolving student achievement action plans/goals, Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 invited Wight & Company to conduct an independent assessment of 13 of its 15 facilities, in the summer of 2016, to determine how responsive its school buildings are to student and staff needs, to curriculum mandates and day-to-day educational experiences.

All eight elementary school buildings, the Madison Early Childhood Center and the three middle schools are covered in this report. A brief, written observation for the Transition Center is included in the appendix of this document and will be referenced as future improvements for that building are contemplated. York High School, being the beneficiary of the most recent and extensive series of projects, has been intentionally omitted from this report to allow for greater focus on those facilities that have not received the same level of attention.