Meet the Team

Focus 205 Community Engagement Co-Chairs

Kara Caforio -
Elmhurst District 205

"Continuing the legacy of a great education in Elmhurst will not happen by accident."

Kara Caforio has lived in Elmhurst for 11 years. She is the mother of a fourth grader at Field, a seventh grader at Churchville and a freshman at York. Additionally, her children have attended the Madison Early Childhood Center and Emerson Elementary School. She is married to Jonathan Caforio, York Class of 1990.

She has been heavily involved in Elmhurst PTA activities for the past nine years, chairing numerous committees for the Emerson and Churchville PTAs and serving as the Emerson PTA Vice President and President. Additionally, Kara has worked with the greater Elmhurst community while serving as the Elmhurst PTA Council Vice-President and President.

Kara holds a B.S. in Education with a specialization in mathematics, from Elmhurst College. She is a former second grade teacher in Glendale Heights; fifth grade teacher in Lake Zurich and was also a consultant to Accenture, LLP.

As both a committed Elmhurst parent and a former teacher, Kara is deeply and personally invested in the opportunity for future generations of Elmhurst students to receive a meaningful and excellent education in our public schools, regardless of their academic ability or socioeconomic background.

“Continuing the legacy of a great education in Elmhurst will not happen by accident. The outcome of this Community Engagement process will be our approach to a quality education in District 205 for the foreseeable future,” Kara said. “It is important that we deliberately come together as a complete community to explore, discuss and define what the educational priorities are for all students.”

John Morrissey - Elmhurst District 205

"The community needs to understand the challenges we face and the rewards for getting it right."

John Morrissey has lived in Elmhurst since 1980. He is the father of a York Community High School recently graduated senior and sophomore. Both girls attended Edison Elementary and Sandburg Middle School. He is married to Pamela Weinstock, Associate General Counsel at Sears Holdings.

He is completing his third year as an elected York Township Trustee. Previously, he served as an Elmhurst Library Board Trustee for a year and a half.

John holds a B.A. from the University of Illinois, Chicago and an M.S. from Loyola University. He is currently retired, having previously worked in Product Development, Human Resources and Labor Relations (former AFL – CIO member). He also served in the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam, 1969-70.

“There are a number of important educational issues that will need to be addressed in the next few years: unfunded mandates, meeting the growing needs of a diverse student population; an aging infrastructure, keeping pace with technology needs, over-crowded schools and a possible reduction in state funding, to name a few,” John said. “The community needs to understand the challenges we face and the rewards for getting it ‘right.’ We want to have a community conversation about our priorities and the most viable solutions.”

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