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2018-2019 Algebra B Calendar

Course Texts

Transition to Algebra booklets: Students pay for these at the

bookstore when they buy books.

The booklets are from the same series

as the ones they used in Algebra A.

Teacher created materials:

Students receive teacher created

packets or worksheets. Click on the

units to the left for copies of these materials.

Calculator Information

All Algebra B students are required to

have a scientific or graphing calculator.

The TI-30 xs is a recommended

scientific calculator.

The TI-30 xs is available at Target,

Walmart, or Office Max for about $12.

Course Inquiries

Please email your student's teacher

Algebra B (#0354) Course Description:

Full Year Course - 2.0 credits

Prerequisite: Algebra A

This course is approved by NCAA for one-half year of math. Completion of Algebra A & B will be deemed as one year of math under NCAA guidelines.

This is the second course in a two-year sequence that covers algebra. In Algebra A, students gained a foundation for working with expressions and equations in one variable. In Algebra B, these understandings are extended to the coordinate plane where students use the tools of variables, symbols, and graphs to explore patterns and relationships. Course topics include slopes and lines, exponential change, powers and roots, systems of equations, quadratics, polynomial operations, functions, and statistics. A hand held scientific or graphing calculator is required.

Rationale: The pace of Algebra A and Algebra B provide an opportunity for students to build the algebra foundation necessary for success in advanced algebra, in college, and in their careers.