2014-03-17 Apple TV & iBooks Revisited

Fast Facts
  • Cost: FREE
  • Text to Speech
  • PDF Import
  • Add custom bookshelves
  • Type notes
  • Highlight
  • Audio, video, animation
  • Free samples of iBooks prior to purchasing
  • Can add iBook App to Mac 

Walk Thru

  • Purchase a book
    • Many are free!
    • Click on the Store button and search
    • Get additional info and / or sample
    • Previously purchased books for your account will download at no cost
  • Syncing books and PDFs
    • Turn on or off in Settings / iBooks
  • Reading Books
    • Lock orientation
    • Show controls - Tap near center of page
    • Turn page - Tap right or left margin or flick page
    • View table of contents
    • Add or remove bookmark - Tap bookmark icon found in the upper right corner. Tap again to remove. Tap Table of Contents icon to revisit.
    • Add or remove a highlight - double tap a word, use grab points to adjust, select a color. Double tap word and tap on circle with bar through it to remove. To revisit, tap Table of Contents icon.
    • Go to specific page
    • Search in a book
    • Look up a word
    • Listen to a book - Tap the speaker icon. (Not available in all books.)
  • Changing a Book's Appearance
    • Change brightness - Tap near center of page to display the controls then tap the aA or the brightness icon.
    • Change the font or type size (Some books require you to be in portrait mode to change font size.)
    • Change the color of the page and text - Tap center to display the controls then tap the aA and select a different theme.
    • Full screen - Tap aA and make sure Full Screen is turned on
    • Justification or hyphenated
  • Studying Notes and Vocabulary Lists
    • Click on the Table of Contents icon to view notes
    • Some books present notes as study cards
  • Turn on Speak Selection
    • Turn On Speak Selection - Settings / General / Accessibilitiy / Speak Selection 's
  • PDF Files
    • Open a PDF File in an email message or on a website
    • Click the arrow icon at the top right corner and select Move to iBooks
  • Organizing the Bookshelf
    • Tap on Collections and New to create a new shelf
    • To move books to a different shelf, in the upper right hand corner of the bookshelf, click on Edit. Then, select the book(s) that you want to move (a checkmark will appear). Then, tap on the Move button in the upper left hand corner and select the appropriate shelf.
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