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Lincoln Phone and Email List

Phone number 724-752-1591      
Name Ext Email Department
Laura Adams 3335 ladams@elwood.k12.pa.us Music
Aloi, Frank 3013 faloi@ellwood.k12.pa.us Superintendent
Arbutina, Brad 3393 barbutina@ellwood.k12.pa.us Social Studies
Atkins, Marge 3298 matkins@ellwood.k12.pa.us Mathematics
Barry, Sam 3347 sbarry@ellwood.k12.pa.us Social Studies
Bell, Jason 3397 jbell@ellwood.k12.pa.us Spanish
Bartolomeo, Eric 3043   Receiving
Bauer, Paul 3244 pbauer@ellwood.k12.pa.us Learning Supprt
Berezniak, Nancy 3036 nberezniak@ellwood.k12.pa.us Nurse
Bluedorn, Chris 3032 cbluedorn@ellwood.k12.pa.us Guidance
Braymer, Dave 3278 dbraymer@ellwood.k12.pa.us Mathematics
Brough, Rob 3285 rbrough@ellwood.k12.pa.us Language Arts
Brown, Becky 3394 rbrown@ellwood.k12.pa.us Science
Buffington, Scot 3323 sbufington@ellwood.k12.pa.us Social Studies
Cafeteria 3020    
Caldwell, Lee 3024 lcaldwell@ellwood.k12.pa.us Music
Campman, Al 3232 acampman@ellwood.k12.pa.us Health
Campman, Rusty 3295 rcampman@ellwood.k12.pa.us Learning Supprt
Carsele, Lisa 3027 lcarsele@ellwood.k12.pa.us AD Secretary
Choir Department 3002    
Christophe, Jody 3339 jchristophe@ellwood.k12.pa.us Science
Cirelli, Cindy 3305 ccirelli@ellwood.k12.pa.us Family/Consumer Science
Colianni, Joe 3009 jcolianni@ellwood.k12.pa.us Computer Tech
Craig, Tracy 3300 tcraig@ellwood.k12.pa.us Family/Consumer Science
Cress, John 3277 jcress@ellwood.k12.pa.us Learning Supprt
Cooper, Karen 3030 kcooper@ellwood.k12.pa.us Guidance Secretary
DeCaprio, Elizabeth 3304 edecaprio@ellwood.k12.pa.us English
DeLoia, Rick 3319 rdeloia@ellwood.k12.pa.us Social Studies
DeNome, Rose 3017 rdenome@ellwood.k12.pa.us Elementary Secretary
DiBuono, John 3310 jdibuono@ellwood.k12.pa.us Health/Physical Education
Dimeo, Kevin 3307 kdimeo@ellwood.k12.pa.us Mathematics
Dunning, Rose Ann 3013 radunning@ellwood.k12.pa.us Secretary to the Superintendent
ECTV 3047 ectv@ellwood.k12.pa.us  
Emerick, Tina 3396 temerick@ellwood.k12.pa.us Learning Supprt
Evrard, Rachel (Lunn) 3315 revard@ellwood.k12.pa.us Science
Falotico, Casey 3314 cfalotico@ellwood.k12.pa.us English
Fec, Paul 3387 pfec@ellwood.k12.pa.us Art
Fotia, Jeff 3345 jfotia@ellwood.k12.pa.us Health/Physical Education
Frampton, Kim 3301 kframpton@ellwood.k12.pa.us Science
Franitti, Nick 3312 nfranitti@ellwood.k12.pa.us Language Arts
Friello, Cindie 3333 cfriello@ellwood.k12.pa.us Business Education
Gaibis, David 3288 dgaibis@ellwood.k12.pa.us Social Studies
Gannon, Larry 3313 lgannon@ellwood.k12.pa.us Industrial Arts
Garvin, Mike 3330 mgarvin@ellwood.k12.pa.us Social Studies
Gerello, Matt 3344 mgerello@ellwood.k12.pa.us Mathematics
Greco, Cindy 3010 cgreco@ellwood.k12.pa.us Secretary to the Asst. Superintendent
Greco, Felecia 3242 fgreco@ellwood.k12.pa.us Music
Hauck, Lindsay 3046 lhauck@ellwood.k12.pa.us Elementary Principal
Hudeck, Lori 3292 lhudeck@ellwood.k12.pa.us Language Arts
Keally, Frank 3028 fkeally@ellwood.k12.pa.us Asst. Principal
Keane, Paula 3016 pkeane@ellwood.k12.pa.us Business Office
Kemrer, Mike 3401 mkemrer@ellwood.k12.pa.us Social Studies
Kosanovich, Marsha 3322 mkosanovich@ellwood.k12.pa.us Language Arts
Lamenza, Mike 3348 mlamenza@ellwood.k12.pa.us Health/Physical Education
Lamenza, Nick 3324 nlamenza@ellwood.k12.pa.us Social Studies
Lape, Kirk 3025 klape@ellwood.k12.pa.us Principal
Lauer, Jacob 3342 jlauer@ellwood.k12.pa.us Learning Supprt
Leonberg, Lisa 3353 lleonberg@ellwood.k12.pa.us Health/Physical Education
Lincoln Library 3044    
Long, Amanda 3341 mlong@ellwood.k12.pa.us French
Maggi, Todd 3328 tmaggi@ellwood.k12.pa.us Spanish/Social Studies
Mancini, Joe 3010 jmancini@ellwood.k12.pa.us Asst. to the Superintendent
McConahy, Sean 3383 smcconahy@ellwood.k12.pa.us Science
McCullough, Mike 3395 mmccullough@ellwood.k12.pa.us Science
Miller, Shelly 3033 smiller@ellwood.k12.pa.us Guidance
Morgan, Dan 3349 dmorgan@ellwood.k12.pa.us German
Noble, Dena 3332 dnoble@ellwood.k12.pa.us Mathematics
Nurse 3036    
Ottaviani, Amy 3000 aottaviani@ellwood.k12.pa.us Attendance Clerk
Paolini, Sue 3044 spaolini@ellwood.k12.pa.us Librarian
Phillips, Don 3294   Football Coach
Pietrcollo, Anthony 3029 apietrcollo@ellwood.k12.pa.us English/Athletic Director
Pifer, Tom 3299 tpifer@ellwood.k12.pa.us Science
Pigza, Melissa 3337 mpigza@ellwood.k12.pa.us English/Athletic Director
Pryde, Rob 3302 rpryde@ellwood.k12.pa.us Industrial Arts
Reilsono, Chris 3343 creilsono@ellwood.k12.pa.us Instructional Tech
Richardson, Janice 3026 jrichardson@ellwood.k12.pa.us Secretary
Ruckert, Ellen 3004 eruckert@ellwood.k12.pa.us Technology Coordinator
Schuster, Steve 3023 sschuster@ellwood.k12.pa.us Maintenance
Snyder, Georganne 3350 gsnyer@ellwood.k12.pa.us English
Sockaci, Addie (Substitute) 3321 asockaci@ellwood.k12.pa.us Mathematics
Sovich, John 3039 jsovich@ellwood.k12.pa.us Asst. Principal
Stanley, Mark 3340 mstanley@ellwood.k12.pa.us Mathematics
Strati, Mike 3336 mstrati@ellwood.k12.pa.us Instructional Tech
Thellman, April 3031 athellman@ellwood.k12.pa.us Guidance
Thompson, Chris 3011 cthompson@ellwood.k12.pa.us Buildings and Grounds
Timmerman, Scott 3346 stimmerman@ellwood.k12.pa.us Science
Walmsley, Chris 3281 cwalmsley@ellwood.k12.pa.us Learning Supprt
Walters, Jonica 3007 jwalters@ellwood.k12.pa.us Gifted
Weir, Jody 3320 jweir@ellwood.k12.pa.us English
Wimer, Lori 3047 lwimer@ellwood.k12.pa.us English
Wratny, Raquel 3297 rwratney@ellwood.k12.pa.us Art
Wyszomierski, Beth 3351 bwsyz@ellwood.k12.pa.us Mathematics
Wyszomierski, Steve 3352 swysz@ellwood.k12.pa.us English
Yahn, Chris 3015 cyahn@ellwood.k12.pa.us Accounts Payable
Zarone, Rich 3018 rzarone@ellwood.k12.pa.us Business Manager