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Latest News: 

New Engine Display at Ellenroad

In December the Society moved the Allen generator set and the Ashworth and Parker engine from storage at the rear of the engine house to the car park to join the Brown Boveril steam turbine. This make the three engines into a significant display for the public and enable the volunteers to work on them, The Society intends to build a shelter and protect the engines from the weather. We were awarded a grant from the Pennine Township of Rochdale MBC towards the cost of hiring the necessary crane. 

Allen engine being moved from storage 

The Allen generator set was built about 1912 by W H Allen Sons & Co in Bedford and is similar to those used for producing the electricity on the Titanic. The Titanic had eight of these. This generator produced the power for a colliery until the end of the last century when it was moved to Ellenroad to save it from being scrapped. It is owned by David Arnfield who has agreed to formally loan the engine to the Steam Museum. 

Allen engine being lifted into the new position

The Ashworth and Parker engine was built in Bury and powered the Turner Brothers Asbestos works in Rochdale until the worwere closed in the 1990'. It is a two cylinder high speed engine which drove the works via the rope drive to lineshafts.

The Turbine at Selby 

The Brown Boveri Steam Turbine is one of the earliest in existence. It was built around 1910 not long after the engine type had been by Parsons in the Turbinia. It is believed that it operated for some time in the Caribbean before being moved to the BOCM Paul site in Selby around 1930. It powered the seed crushing machinery and the exhaust steam was used to help extract oil from the crushed seeds. It is very unusual in that it drove the machinery via a rope drive powered through a very large reduction gearbox.

Turbine at Ellenroad