Exhibitors on steaming days

Britannia Coco-nut Dancers of Bacup - Traditional folk dancers.                 
Saddleworth Garland and Clog dancers - Traditional folk dancers.             

North West Meccano Guild -
 Enthusiasts who build models with the constructional system of Meccano.

Mick and The Moonshiners - Band trio 
based in the village of Milnrow in the Lancashire Pennines.

West Pennine Woodturners - Located in Norden, near Rochdale. Occasionally showcase projects.

White Rose GoldWings GoldWing riders based primarily in Yorkshire.                                         

Rochdale Society of Model and Experimental Engineers
 - O
ne of the oldest societies in the country.

Rochdale Photographic Society - Local photo society who occasionally showcase projects.   

Jenny Ried - Artist of industrial drawings.