The Pump Room

The Pump Room contains the largest working Mather and Platt sprinkler pump in preservation. This pump provided the water for the fire-fighting sprinklers in the mill. 

It is classed as an Underwriters Steam Pump, this relates to the firms of insurance underwriters who provided fire insurance cover for the whole mill. 

With a capacity of approx. 600 gallons a minute, it is thought to have been built and installed circa 1910 and today is still worked by steam from our lancashire boiler.

The room also contains several other pumps including a 4 cylinder flat belt driven Frank Pearn boiler feed pump. At some time in the past it lost one of its pistons and so at the moment is only a static exhibit.

Others in the room include three different sizes of vertical Weir feed pumps, and a small horizontal Tar Pump.