Other Exhibits 

We have several small engines that are currently under restoration and are temporarily in storage. Hopefully our volunteers will complete these projects soon, although time and funding is always the determining factor.

This engine is approximately 10 horsepower and was donated by the Bahamas Locomotive Society. It is of the type used to power a small workshop and is thought to be from Jackson’s Rope Works at Glossop in Derbyshire. The engine has been dismantled, cleaned, painted and re-assembled. It is now shown in the Whitelees Beam Engine Room.

Ashworth and Parker  
This compound engine made by Ashworth and Parker of Bury, Lancashire is outside at present. Originally it was intended to drive an electrical generator. It is similar to, but larger than the generating set, Browett Lindley Engineers, Phyllida, which is located in the generator room at Ellenroad.

Allen Engine and Generator Set

The 250 horsepower generating set (built by W H Allen) was installed at Wildspur Mills in 1949 but dates from 1911. It is a Metro Vic 1 type. It replaced the beam engines which powered the mill until that time. It is believed that because of the date they were built, they are similar to the ones supplied to the Titanic by the same manufacturer. It was removed from the site in 2004. 

White Engine 
It was last used at Potclays Ltd. Brick Kiln Lane, Etruria, Hanley. (Previously Kirklands Factory) They were Manufacturers of clays, glazes etc for craft & industrial ceramics.  It was removed from there around mid 1983, and reportedly had been disused for many years.  It's type is a horizontal single cylinder constructed by The Railway & General Engineering Co, Nottingham. The cylinder dimensions are c.16ins x 3ft stroke. Slide valve; Meyer expansion valve. (Governor missing.) Flywheel 10ft 6ins diameter, Belt pulley.