Custom Card Formats and Designs

 For all Occasions

Personalized and/or customized designs or formats for any and all occasions!

Although many of my existing designs can be adapted for your special occasions, you can commission a custom design that is tailored for your special event!

 Here is a sample that was created for a wedding. It served as invitation and, with some minor modifications, serves as a "Thank You" card. 

This wedding invitation exhibits the quote, "For an Instant, Love can Change the World". The images depicted are two 'love birds' flying back to the new nest they've made together. The nest sports a banner with the couple's name on it, and their first names form the border of the card.

  "For an Instant, Love Can Change the World"


This same card can be modified and used as a "Thank You" card with a small modification, as pictured below, in enlarged format with greater detail:


A different style has been used for this dinner invitation. This large, letter-sized invitation was created for an ebullient, good-natured man of short stature and Italian descent; thus the caption: "Are You Ready for a Little Italian?" It was created on heavy, glossy card stock and had a very dressy feel.

"Are You Ready For a Little Italian?"

The next selection is an example of how exciting, custom-designed gift packaging can enhance a gift certificate or small, but special gift. In this case, a spa gift certificate and products basket that was destined for a charity auction has received the red-carpet treatment! This three-dimensional gift sports "shelf talkers" on both sides of the gift, creating an eye-catching display! The first picture shows the full basket, the second picture shows a detail of the contents of the basket.

"Spa Basket", Detail

This last selection is the pre-printed version of a special "Get Well" card that was created for someone in the hospital. It pictures a small sailboat bearing the patient's family nickname. The entire image was surrounded by the simple word, "Love", so that he would see that first and could read the rest later when he was feeling better. The card was large enough (14" x 11") to occupy most of a bedside table and was framed by the patient after the hospital stay. I chose the poet Rumi for his soothing words: "Let the waters settle...You will see stars and moon mirrored in your being." Flowers are nice, but a custom-designed greeting is forever!

A preliminary phone consultation and/or e-mail consultation is free of charge. 

Actual consultation and design fees are $25 per hour. 

Feel free to e-mail me at for more information on custom designs and formats for your special occasions!

I can create something truly memorable for you!