The Vacant Chair

      ...Living or dead, Elks are never forgotten, never forsaken.
            Morning and noon may pass them by, 
            the light of the day sink heedlessly in the West,
            but ere the shows of midnight shall fall,
            the chimes of memory will be pealing forth the friendly message,
            "To our absent members"

        Randy Rayman            February 9, 2010
        Steve Christian            September 21, 2010
        Joseph Procyk             November 12, 2010
        Craig Pohren                November 14, 2010

        Lawerence Cratty       November 23, 2009
        Alan Neely                    June 30, 2009
        Roy Davis                      June 24, 2009
        Donald Diamond        June 24, 2009
        Keith Taylor                 June 9, 2009