Introduction and Purpose

The Elk Mound Area School District’s information and technology plan represents our 
efforts to move forward with the skills and technology of the 21st century. This plan is 
the result of the Elk Mound Area School District’s Educational Media and Technology Committee (EMT) work over an eight-month period. The committee began the process in September of 2012 and continued through May of 2013. This plan is built upon previous district technology plans. 

The plan is designed to look into the future for three years, but the EMT 
Committee and Board of Education understand the need to look even further out into the 
future. Although it is impossible to envision what technology our students and staff may be working with in 20 years, an attempt was made to consider what skills will be important for students 20 years into the future. 
The decision was made to combine the required technology plan with the library/media 
center plan to provide a plan that integrates technology and information resources into the curriculum. 
A great deal of time, discussion, thought, research, investigation and planning went into 
this plan. Planning began with collecting information on the current state of technology 
and its use in the District by completing a variety of surveys and inventories. The team then reviewed current research on best practices in using technology in education. After analyzing this data, needs and goals were developed.

The needs and goals of our Information and Technology Plan are as follows: 
Goal 1: The staff will utilize technology to increase student achievement across
Goal 2: The staff will utilize effective teaching and learning practices which
                 include the integration of  technology into instruction.
Goal 3: District staff will continue to have access to information resources and 
                learning tools to provide a  supportive environment for technology use.
Goal 4: The library media specialists will be used to their fullest potential to
                 enhance human, physical, print and digital resources.

Goal 5: The District will continue to develop systems and provide leadership to
                 utilize technology to improve productivity and enhance learning.
The EMT Committee supports the goals and objectives outlined in this plan. It is also the 
EMT Committee’s intent to keep the plan’s mission, vision, objectives and goals “alive”
by revisiting the plan bi-monthly during regular EMT 
Committee meetings.

There are challenges to implementing the plan because of the district’s budget limitations 
that are directly affected by the state economy, state budget deficit and the end of various 
grant programs. However, these goals are achievable through consistent monitoring and 
implementation efforts, if funding is available. 

The district plan is built upon the vision and mission of the district as stated below:
District Mission Statement:  Helping our youth become responsible citizens who seek to contribute to our society in 
positive ways.

District Core Values:  Community, Prosperity, Liberty, Equality

District Vision:  Opening Minds for Life’s Journey 
Technology Vision:  Students, staff and community will interact to share ideas, use higher level thinking skills, 
solve problems, participate as a member of a team and maximize learning through the use 
of technology. Students will use technology to build a solid foundation in the core 
academics and content areas, enabling them to leave school with the technology skills 
necessary for them to become informed, responsible citizens, community members and 
family members in the 21st Century. 

Technology Mission Statement:  Maximize student achievement using the most up-to-date technology available.
Library Media Philosophy:  Each student should have access to an effective, integrated school library program that 
reflects the curriculum, the needs of the school community and the world in general.
The development of the technology plan has also taken into account the district strategic plan as defined in the following link:
District and Community Demographics
School District
The Elk Mound Area School District is bordered by the school districts of Menomonie, 
Colfax, Chippewa Falls, Durand and Eau Claire. Although farming has been the 
dominant occupation within the district, in recent years several small businesses have 
been established. Currently there are about twenty small businesses within the village limits. 
There has been little commercial development in Elk Mound. Industry, business and 
other services are available in the nearby cities. The Village of Elk Mound has a 
population of about 850. Many housing developments have been established both within 
and outside the village, and they continue to expand.
The Chippewa Valley has seen an increase in technology-related businesses and 
maintains a strong technology-related base of employment. The Chippewa Valley 
Technical College has added to their technology-related programs to meet the needs of 
the business sector.
The employment market in this region includes a high 
number of service sector jobs and an increasing number of skilled, technical jobs. 
Village of Elk Mound
Although few business resources exist within the village, there 
has been growth over the past few years. The two banks and the convenience store make 
occasional donations for fundraising projects. The Lions Club has made contributions to 
support school activities. Our greatest resource is the community support of the schools 
and parent support of our students and staff. Communication channels include a monthly 
district newsletter, a weekly newsletter from the elementary school and a monthly 
newsletter from the middle school. The district has made great improvements in the 
website to communicate with the community and is utilizing social media tools. The five churches in the school district 
maintain open communications with the school district. They also disseminate school 
related information of interest to the community.
Chippewa Valley
UW-Eau Claire and UW-Stout are both within twenty minutes of Elk 
Mound. Faculty from the Curriculum and Instruction Department at UWEC have 
participated in staff development projects at Elk Mound related to curriculum and 
technology. Several technology-related industries are established in the area, including 
Hutchinson Technology and Silicon 
Graphics. Phillips Plastics funds school projects 
through their Anne Marie Foundation from which the district has received several grants.  
The Bremer Bank is affiliated with the Otto Bremer Foundation, which does will provide resources for community programs. 
 The Independence 
State Bank also provides resources for the school district’s Business Education program. 
The school district has an approximate enrollment of 1,100 students distributed 
between its three schools: elementary, middle and high school. Enrollment at the 
elementary and middle levels has shown a steady upward trend, and district-wide 
enrollment has increased over the past several years. All buildings have up-to-date wiring
and telecommunications connections. A building project in the spring and summer of 
2010 put additions on each of the buildings. These additions included updating the 
technology infrastructure for each addition to match the state-of-the-art infrastructure
throughout the district. 
The school district contracts for educational technology services through the Cooperative 
Educational Service Agency #10 (CESA 10) for technology-related staff development 
and technical support. The district added a full-time technician/director in 2012 as its own employee. Our full membership provides for free or reduced-price workshops 
and on-site training for staff.  
The district is also affiliated with Cooperative Educational Service Agency #11 (CESA 
11) for administration assistance and various inservice opportunities.

Additional demographic data can be found on WINSS at or the DPI website:

The district has made efforts to coincide with the goals of the the Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan.  

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