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Vacation/Trip Policy

Student Vacation/Trip Policy

The Elk Lake School Board approved a policy regarding student absences due to family vacations. The policy allows for parents to take their children out of school for a maximum of ten (10) school days per school year. The days absent will be recorded as excused absences if the following conditions are met prior to the absences.

  1. Call and/or meet with building level principal to notify the district of the intended absences.
  2. The parent must receive and sign a vacation policy form.
  3. The student must contact each of his/her teachers and document the needed assignments on the vacation policy form.
  4. After the parent and student complete the vacation policy form, the form must be signed by the building level principal. A copy will be given to the attendance officers and parent/student.
  5. A separate form must be completed for each child going on vacation.
  6. The vacation policy form must be completed prior to the vacation absence in order for the absence to be deemed excused.
  7. The vacationing student is required to submit his/her completed assignments within five school days after re-entrance to school. Teachers will then evaluate and grade the work so that the student will be given proper credit for his/her efforts.

If parents/guardians have any questions regarding this policy please contact the child’s building level principal. Forms are available for download from the schools website under “Forms & Documents”