Where has the time gone?

Can you believe it is already 2015!  For some of you, that means that your child's pre-school career is half-way complete.  As we begin this second half of the school year, we will send home weekly kindergarten preparation activities for you to complete with your child.  

Things to work towards as your child nears Kindergarten:

1. Recognize and write his/her name

2. Recognize and write a combination of upper and lower case letters

3. Recognize and write some numbers

4. Identify all colors and shapes

5. Be able to complete simple patterns (Ex: A B A B A)

Our students are working extremely hard to master these skills.  Let's work together and help our students practice these skills at home and school.  

Ways to work towards these goals:

1. Count and sort snacks (Ex: sort goldfish, count how many animal crackers on your plate)

2. "Write" letters/cards to family and friends (Make a card to take to Grandma and let child write their name on it. If your child is still learning how to write their name, let them trace it.  Then spell out the letters of their name together.)

3. While driving, look for a specific car color and count how many times you see it

4. Point out first letter in words that are meaningful to student (Ex: M for Mom, D for Dad, W for Wal-Mart, etc.)

5. Make patterns with household items (Ex: create a tower using alternating red and blue Legos)