Custom Software Development
Custom Software Development for organizations enables you to digitize your work, streamline processes and enhances overall responsibility, delegation, reporting and productivity. Tekege can design, maintain and implement a Custom Software Development for organizations.

Web Content Management
We provide website content management solutions for clients who need ongoing updates to their website. Whether you work in-house or outsource your website maintenance to us, we design portal content management solutions for quick and easy management of your website content.

e-Commerce Portal
E Commerce means buying and selling of goods and services online over the Internet. We build eCommerce websites that turn your visitors into customers. Elish Consulting integrates communications, data management and security to offer clients commerce solutions to businesses worldwide.

Elish Consulting offers the four pillars to successful B2B & B2C e-commerce solutions :

    Business strategy
    Design and usability
    Technology and security
    Products and marketing

We provide quality, strategy and development for all four of these components with a good 24 x 7 support and this assure that we will make the ideal partner in your E-commerce solution as an offshore eCommerce service provider.We develop SSL secured eCommerce portal, which will not only have desired static information with product catalog but online shopping interface, client console, payment gateway and admin console as well.

Social Networking Development
Social networking is one of the most revolutionary uses of the Internet. If you are a little confused by the two terms then we call your attention to two websites that is Facebook and MySpace. These two are social networking websites that have quickly become the symbols of the process of social community building. The great part about it is that it has numerous applications cutting across various fields.


Smart Card Solutions
Smart cards bring security, convenience and ease-of-use to millions of people worldwide. Smart cards find their place in a wide and growing range of applications from mobile telephony to CRM, loyalty, and to the development of next generation applications and services. With broad industry acceptance witnessed by increasing demand, Elish Consulting is constantly on the look for innovative smart card based solutions. Smart cards are proving to be of great value in applications like Employee Smart Card, Automated Attendance System, Electronic cash, Security, Access control, Transportation and IC Tags.

Web Hosting
We bag you with a flexible and an affordable means of launching your existence on the internet and World Wide Web. We acknowledge the time investment in launching a website and we developed web hosting services to let you spread out as per the requirements, without ever changing the servers. Our servers reside in USA. However, the in all maintenance, support, Linux and Windows administration, voice and Email Help desk contract is outsourced and managed by us from India.