About Elish Consulting
  • We proudly introduce us as IT Business Intelligence Consulting Company.
  • We are one of the management and technology consulting companies.
  • We are also primary developer and vendor for IT Software development and IT Services for small business solutions and as well as large enterprises.
  • Elish Consulting is legally separate and independent entity operating through Delaware USA since 2008.
Business background
  • Elish Consulting own a range of Customized IT Products for different domains like Legal, Health, Media, Finance and Accounting, IT Services, Marketing and Sales, BPO operations etc.
  • Elish Consulting has expertise in developing IT Solutions and services for commercial applications, mobile and device applications, IT staffing, Enterprise Application development and ERP consulting.
  • Elish Consulting has all required professional experience and expertise to successfully design, develop, test and support any type of IT implementation, product development and business process outsourcing.
  • Elish Consulting has plans to use their expertise and experience to expand and enhance its current business development initiatives and be involved into Software-as-Service business.
  • This SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) program will allow this initiative to reach a broader customers and clients across geographic regions and use these services for a low cost and highest possible quality business solutions.
Company Strategic Vision, Objective and Goals
  • We are and will always remain an IT Business Intelligence Consulting Company.
  • We innovate products to reach functional domains which IT hasn't touched before and makes full use of IT technologies to reach daily livelihood of everyone including IT and non-IT people.
  • “EWCF – Create Wellness” ie ELISH Wellness center foundation program reach general public and make them use ELISH’s platforms for their needs.
  • We don’t do different things, we just do it differently.
  • We design our products and services where it makes sense and is needed.
  • We are not afraid to try new ideas and not scared to be at places where only few have gone before.
  • "Common Sense” is our award winning proprietary technological innovate solutions and platform, unfortunately, is very rarely used at other places.
Our Staff
  • Our principals is a good implementation methodology ensures not only superior implementations, but also enable swift knowledge transfer to business users. This has worked at both ends of that supply chain and know well the requirements for this industry.
  • A well educated and informed staff is a key success factor for any business and we are proud to have such a working staff working with us.
  • Our experienced, dedicated consultants work together with organizations worldwide to help them solve their most critical challenges.
  • Led by specially trained Dedicated Account Representatives, our Small Business Division can provide the rapid
    response and qualified employees you require whenever you need temporary staff.
  • You can be sure even on the shortest notice that our temporaries will perform as expected for as long as they're on the job - and that's an Office Specialists promise.
  • We appreciate every opportunity to be of service, and look forward to working with you.