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Ms. Mena's Class

Hi! We are 2nd Mena and we are very excited to learn more about all of you, your school and what you are learning about!
Hi! My name is Adrian and I am from the USA as well! I had loads of fun with Rocky and Red, White and Blue at home! We watched a movie and ate pop corn. I hope you like my picture! 
 Hello! I am Fernando and yesterday I took your bear and our dog. We went to eat an ice-cream and I invited Ana Lucía Starr. She is from my class. I was very happy to take them home. 
 Hi! I am Ana Lucía Starr. Your bear and Rocky came to my house yesterday. We cooked pasta for dinner; my family loves pasta! We also played with my brother and his 2 chicks! We had fun in the scooter with them. 
 My name is Camila and I am very happy I could take Rocky and Red White and Blue with me. We had fun and I enjoyed having them in my house. We watched T.V. and played together. 
 I am Laird. Yesterday Rocky and R W B came home with me. We ate a snack, cookie crumble; I love it! Then we went outside to play on my trampoline and we found water under a fountain! At the end of the day I played the piano and played all of my cool songs for them! 
 My name is Andrés. Today R W B and Rocky came to my house. We played on the computer and later on we decided to play with legos; it was fun! After taking a bath we wrestled with my brothers and then my mum came and surprised us with a real rabbit! R W B and Rocky made a new friend.  
 My name is Diego Salguero and I love playing golf! Yesterday I took RWB and Rocky home and they came to my golf practice with me; they have a very good swing! After golf practice we went to my grandma's house and we ate a delicious apricot pie. We had fun! 
 Hello! I am Diego Bolinaga and I am from Venezuela. I live in El Salvador. I took RWB and Rocky for a ride on my motorcycle and they liked it. They also ate pupusas, our traditional food. Before going to sleep we all played with my ipad. We had fun! 
 Hi, I'm Ariela. Today RWB and Rocky came home with me. I took them to my dance class and then we went to my grandmother's house. We watched some t.v. before going to sleep. 
 I am Nelson! As soon as we came home we did my homework together and then we went out and played tag. RWB and Rocky played in the garden with me. I had a lot of fun with them and we were all tired before we went to bed. 
 My name is María Reneé and I enjoyed taking RWB and Rocky with me during the weekend. My cousin came to my house and we played with them and my with my Legos. On Saturday we all went to a shopping mall where they had a sand sculpture competition; we had a great time!  
 My name is Jackie and I was born in the USA. RWB and Rocky came home with me today. I took them to my dance lesson and then we watched some t.v. when we got back home. After school, I had some extra-curricular cooking lessons we all baked a chocolate cake; it was delicious!  
 I am Nicole F. Today I took RWB and Rocky with me and they helped me with my homework. Then we all played together with my American Dolls.  I had fun with them when we went to my dance lesson! 

 Hello, I am Pablo! I was born in Colombia but know I live in El Salvador. When I took RWB and Rocky with me we did a lot of activities; I even cooked with them. They stayed with me while I did my homework and then we had a party. They got along with my real pet, a dog. 
 I am Alexia and I really enjoyed my day with RWB and Rocky. My brother and I danced with them, had a big party with my barbies and we went out on my roller skates! We all slept together and had a lot of fun! 
 Hi, my name is Fabiola and I had a great time with RWB and Rocky. We went shopping to Siman and we met Mrs. Mena there. We went on a ride in the train with them and ate caramel apples. When we got home we played with my sisters and had fun together! 
 My name is Rodrigo. When the bear and Rocky came home with me we went to Mc Donlads and then home. We played with my legos and then we read a book. For dinner we all made our pizza and ate it! 
 My name is Adriana. The first day I brought RWB and Rocky with me I played with my sister and her friend. Next day, I took them to my art class and they came with me. For breakfast we had bread with cheese and nuttela; delicious! On Saturday afternoon we went to the Summer Carnival (a fair at my school) and had lots of fun! 
 Today RWB and Rock came home with me. We went to the park and read some books. Then I took out all my stuffed animals and we all played together! It has been one of the best days of my life! My name is Ana Lucía Mendez. 
 I am Catherine and I am from Korea. I took Rocky and RWB with me and I had fun with them. I even made some clothes for them! The 1st of May in Korea is Sports Day for everybody and we went to a special field to play different games. There were different activities for adults and children. My mum took us for ice-cream when we were going home.