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Ms. Guzman's Class

Hello! We are 2nd Grade Guzman and we are very excited to start this project with you! 
 I am Lucas. I am 8 years old, I am in 2nd Guzman. Today your teddy bear went to my home. I ate lunch with him and while I was doing my homework he was with me! Thank you teddy bear for your visit. I like your country. 
Today,tomorrow and the day after tomorrow your bear went to my house. We ate lunch and we played in the park. My name is Esteban and I am 8 years old. I am a student of the school Academia Britanica. 
 Today your bear went to my house. We ate, we watched t.v. ( a programme called Ninjago ) and we also played outside with the ball.
My name is Sebastian. 
Hello, my name is Carlos. I am 9 years old. I went home today after school and I played with my baby sister. I showed my room to the bear and he liked my dog called Moño.
Hello, my name is Daniella. I am eight years old. I had the chance to play with the bear and to do my homework with him. We listened to music and we also watched t.v.  

My name is Isabella and I am 8 years old. Today I took your teddy bear home! We had lunch at McDonald's and then he came with me to my Art lessons. We had so much fun painting a beatiful peacock. 
Good day! My name is Jose Enrique and I am 8 years old. I like to play football and my favourite food is Buffalo wings! Your teddy bear went to my house during the weekend. In this photo I am with Mrs Angel, the Deputy Head from Upper Primary.
My name is Matias. I took your bear home with me. First we told each other jokes and riddles - he knows some good ones! We also danced and played Lego. I showed him a fruit called water apple - he liked it!
The bear and I shared a pizza together - he ended up being full. We played with my dog and we went to my cousin's birthday party - we ate chocolate cake. That was all we did with Toby. My name is Miranda! 

Friday I ate Indian food when Toby came to my house. After having lunch I washed Toby's t-shirt because it was very dirty. I dreamt that Toby fell down and that he was taken to the hospital in a wheelchair.  My name is Indira. 
Toby and I had lunch together, he ate the same as I did. Then Toby and I played soccer but he got tired very quickly. Early next morning we went to school. My name is Emilio.  
First Toby and I went home and we had lunch. Next, I had a photo with Toby and my baby brother in the garden. Finally we went to sleep. My name is Luis Guillermo. 
My name is Daniela and I want to tell you what I did with Toby. We went to McDonald's to have lunch and we also went to the partk. We played with my American dolls. I love to be with him all day long.