Break-Up Boot Camp

New:  Elisabeth recently appeared on Fox 5 to discuss why breaking up is getting harder to do.
Getting through a break-up can be incredibly difficult.  It is one of the most common reasons that people decide to seek therapy. 


At the same time, if you are broken-hearted, you probably have a lot you can learn from the awful feelings you are experiencing.  Break-Up Boot Camp is a one day intensive program designed to help you make the most of a disappointing and upsetting break-up by using it as an opportunity to learn as much as possible about yourself.  


My work as a therapist consistently confirms that what matters most is not how we respond to our successes, it’s how we respond to our disappointments.  This program is designed to help you learn from your loss and use what you learn to have a happier life and, eventually, healthier relationships.


Ultimately there are three things that help most people get over a romantic relationship.  I refer to them as the Triple As:


1 – Acknowledge


The first step in getting over a break up is to acknowledge and take ownership of your role in what happened.  This may have involved simply going along with an unavailable, unkind, or unsuitable partner.  Or, it may have involved other patterns that are not conducive to a healthy relationship.  Specific patterns will be acknowledged and strategies for addressing these patterns will be discussed.


2- Admit


The second step is to admit -- honestly and without reserve -- the reasons that you are better off without this other person.  I have worked with many, many therapy clients in agony over a break-up, and I have never worked with someone who did not have some excellent reasons why there were ultimately better off without their ex.  It is not necessarily easy or intuitive to admit these reasons, especially if you did not initiate the breakup, but Break-Up Boot Camp will be designed to use the group process and presentation of relevant psychological theory to be sure to these reasons are identified and examined.


3- Accept


The third essential step is to accept that the relationship is over.  This is no easy feat.  Hearing about other break-ups in a structured, safe setting, and making a commitment to others to let go of an unsuitable partner can be incredibly productive.  Break-Up Boot Camp is designed to help participants face the need to accept that it is necessary to make certain that someone else, especially someone who was not suitable for you in the first place, will not have the power to compromise your ability to move forward and have a happy and fulfilling life.

The Boot Camp

Combining everything I have learned from almost twenty years as a social worker and psychotherapist, Break-Up Boot Camp will offer a one day, intensive opportunity to make tremendous headway in adjusting to a break up.  The day will combine highly structured group discussion with presentation of theory designed to speed up the process of letting go of an unsuitable or unavailable partner.  If you find that you are truly suffering with the consequences of a break-up, this program could be incredibly useful and productive.


Break-Up Boot Camp will have no more than eight participants.  All participants must sign a confidentiality agreement that outlines a commitment to maintain confidentiality and to follow the ground rules that are in place to make the experience safe, positive and productive.  All ground rules are reviewed and agreements signed prior to participation. 




Next Session:  Saturday, June 15th, 2013, from 10am to 5pm.



5304 Sherier Place, NW

Washington DC 20016




10:00 am – 5:00 pm



  • $150.00 for participants currently in therapy with Elisabeth
  • $250.00 for participants currently in therapy with another therapist.  (This cost includes a 50 minute consultation prior to Break Up Boot Camp.)
  • $350.00 for participants who are not in therapy.  (This cost includes a one hour, one-on-one meeting prior to Break Up Boot Camp that is mandatory for all participants who are not currently in therapy and a half hour, one-to-one meeting following the seminar.)  These meetings can take place the morning of the program and the afternoon and early evening following the program for out of town participants.)



Please call 202-333-7424 or email for more information.


"What I did not that there are two kinds of love.  The kind that starts off big and slowly wears away, that seems you can never use it up and then one day is finished.  And the kind that you don't notice at first , but which adds a little bit to itself every day, like an oyster makes a pearl, grain by grain, a jewel from the sand."

Monica Ali, Brick Lane

"The problem with that it's a mirage, a trick of the eye - indeed, a trick of the endocrine system.  Infatuation is not quite the same thing as love; it's more like love's shady second cousin who's always borrowing money and can't hold down a job."

Elizabeth Gilbert,