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3.2 Mac OSX


Step-by-Step Instructions

If you already have Minecraft installed, go to step #5. If you already have Forge 1.5.2 installed, go to step #31.
1.  Go to and click "Download it here."

 2.  Click on the Minecraft.dmg link.

3.  Once downloaded, go to your downloads folder and double-click "Minecraft.dmg" and wait for the next window to appear. 


4.  Drag Minecraft into Applications.
5.  Open Minecraft.

6.  If this screen comes up, click Install. Otherwise, go to step #9.
7.  Click "OK."
8.  Click "Open."
9.  Login with your Mojang account, or create a new account.
10.  Click "New Profile" in the lower left hand corner.
11.  Change the "Profile Name" to "1.5.2" and change "Use version" to "release 1.5.2."
Click "Save Profile."

12.  Click "Play."

13. Quit out of Minecraft by clicking "Quit Game."

14. Go to and click "installer" across from "Recommended-1.5.2."

15. Click "Skip Ad >" in the upper right corner after it appears.

16. Double-click "minecraftforge-installer...jar."
17. If this screen doesn't come up, go to step #23.
18. Open System Preferences and click "Security & Privacy."

19. Click the Lock Icon in the lower left of the window.

20. Click the "Anywhere" radio button.

21. Click "Allow From Anywhere."

22. Double-click "minecraftforge-installer...jar."

23. Click "Open."
24. Select the Install client radio button and click "OK."
25. Once this screen appears, Forge has been successfully installed!

26. Re-open Minecraft.

27. Change your "Profile" to "Forge" and click "Play."

28. Confirm you are logged in under your username and click "Play."

29.  Click "Play" again.
30.  Confirm you are running 1.5.2, then quit Minecraft by clicking "Quit Game."

31.  Download qCraft FINISH.
32.  Click the "Go" menu, hold down the "Option" key and select "Library."

33.  Double-click "Application Support."

34.  Double-click the "minecraft" folder.

35.  Drag qCraft into the "mods" folder.

qCraft is now installed, open Minecraft and select your Forge profile to play!