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3.1 Configuration Settings


Configuration file location

qCraft contains a mod configuration file that allows you to alter certain settings for the mod.

The configuration file is located in the 'config' directory of your Minecraft installation and is called 'QuantumCraft.cfg'. As with other Minecraft config files, it can be edited with a standard text editor.

Only settings in the 'general' section of the config file should edited.

User-editable settings

Fifty/fifty behavior

This feature has been deprecated in version 1.0 of the mod but is included to preserve support for legacy maps.

Visual obstruction detection

Certain blocks included in the mod change their state when a user is looking at them (or not). By default, the mod does not perform a check to see if the player's line of sight to the block is actually obstructed. For example, if a player turned to face in the direction of a given block that was 'in range' but there was a wall of stone in between him and that block, the mod would interpret him as having 'observed' the block even though the stone wall obstructed his line of sight.

By setting enableQBlockOcclusionTesting=true, the mod will perform an actual line of sight check between the player and all mod blocks in that chunk before determining if the blocks are observed or not. Turning obstruction detection on may result in diminished performance or server instability when large numbers of mod blocks (500+) are concentrated in a single chunk, particularly in multiplayer situations.

Quantum Ore Generation

Quantum Ore generation in the world can be disabled by By setting enableWorldGen=false. Note that if you disable ore generation, you should enabled the replacement recipes (per the next item), otherwise players will have no path to creating quantum items.

Replacement Recipes

With this setting enabled, players can craft Quantum Dust by combining redstone and lime green dye. If Quantum Ore generation is disabled in the world (see above), this setting should be enabled (it is disabled by default) to provide players with a path to craft quantum items. The setting is enableWorldGenReplacementRecipes.

Server-to-Server Portal Settings

The following settings apply to the creation of server-to-server portals. They allow or prevent certain classes of users from engaging in certain creation behaviors, allowing for server operators to control who can create and edit server-to-server portals. In each case, there is a configuration setting for admins (i.e. users on the ops list for the server) and a setting for players (i.e. all other authorized users of the server).

Portal Creation

If set to true (the default for both admins and players), any server user can create server-to-server quantum portals by selecting a destination server from the list of previously-approved servers (see below). If set to true from admins and false for players, only admins can create new portals. If set to false for both admins and players, server-to-server portals are disabled. The settings are letAdminsCreatePortals and letPlayersCreatePortals.

Server Portal List Editing

If set to true for admins (the default), any authorized server admin can manually edit and add servers to the list of possible servers to which server-to-server portals can be created. The player setting is false by default, meaning players may only select destination servers from the list of previously approved servers. The settings are letAdminsEditPortalServerList and letPlayersEditPortalServerList.

Server Portal Verification

If set to true for admins (the default), any authorized server admin can verify a server-to-serve portal link. Verification is accomplished by setting up the portal connections and traveling through the portal at least one time. Once a link has been verified, the destination server will be available in the list of available destination servers for portals, allowing any player to create a portal to that server. By leaving this setting set to true for admins but false for all players (the default), server admins can allow players to create their own portals but only where the destination is on a server that an admin has previously verified and approved. Setting it to true for players will allow players to verify portal links as well. The settings are letAdminsVerifyPortalServers and letPlayersVerifyPortalServers.