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2. Addison Joins the Rogue: Second Quest

Episode 1: Transit Tunnel Chase

Design Beat:  Introducing a racing mechanic and how to maneuver an avatar that moves very fast. 

Story: Addison catches the Rogue stealing Samson’s prized sprite and chases after him in a fast-paced race through a tunnel. At the end the Rogue gets away thanks to a massive collision, but another League Mechanic, Aran, comes to the aid of Addison.
 Mission Name
 Design Beat
 Rewards  Type
 Blocked Tunnel
 Navigate through a tunnel filled with blocks
 Altair Scout

 Spiked Tunnel
 Navigate through a tunnel filled with damage blocks
 Damage Block

 Commuter Tunnel
 Navigate through a tunnel filled with enemies
 Altair Sniper

 Traffic Jam          
 Change enemy movement patterns to create a path
 Altair Chaser

Bonus: Where Sprites Fear to Tread

 Control speed and movement in a maze of damage blocks
 Purple Fog Background

 Bonus Play
Bonus: Wrong Side of the Tracks
 Difficult enemy movement patterns
 Train Tracks 1 Background

 Bonus Play

Episode 2: These Boots are Made for Jumpin'

Design Beat:  Practice different uses of the jumping mechanic and how platformer games are affected by gravity settings.

Story: Addison follows Aran to Altair, the Platformer School, where they practice jumping. The Rogue is discovered in Altair and Addison and Aran head off to capture the Rogue.

 Mission Name
 Design Beat
 Rewards Type
 Guide to Jumping
 Horizontal, Diagonal, and Vertical Jumps
 Floating Islands Background

 Cavern Jumps
 Fine-tune jumping skills
 Yellow Fog Background

 Jump and Blast  
 Jumping and Blasting at the same time
 Altair Hero

 Tackling the Nemesis
 Jumping and Blasting in tricky spaces
 Altair Nemesis

 Planetary Platforming
 Jumping in spaces with different gravity settings
 Altair Pouncer
 Gravity Lever
 Change gravity settings in a game to find the setting that works for you
 Floating Dirt Block

and Altair Jig song
Bonus: Expert's Guide to Jumping
 Attempt really tricky jumps
 Blue Flare Background

 Bonus Play
Bonus: Blast Hopping
 Jumping low and with control
 League Hero

 Bonus Play

Episode 3: Up, Up and Away

Design Beat:  Advanced platforming in scrolling spaces.

Story:  Addison chases after the Rogue through a series of challenging platformer games in Altair. The Rogue changes the gravity mid-chase and Aran falls and hurts her ankle. Addison catches up to the Rogue at the end and is given an opportunity to join him, but refuses. Amstrad, a League Mechanic, shows up with Aran and whisks Addison away.
 Mission Name
Design Beat                
 Rewards  Type
 The Ascent
 High jumping and low gravity
 Outside the Factory 2 Background

 Iron Boots
 Beating the clock and Timer pick-ups
 Timer Bonus

 Rooftop Flight
 Tricky high jumping and point and timer collecting
 Altair Pacer

 Rooftop Repairs    
 Construct a path in a space full of damage blocks and low gravity
 Blue Fog Background

 The Empty City
 Build a game using gravity and timer pick-ups
 Nighttime Streets of Factory 7

 Bonus: Low Gravity, High Pressure
 Advanced Jumping
 League Nemesis

 Bonus Play
 Bonus: Rooftop Running
 Racing through difficult spaces with time pick-ups
 Altair Marksman

 Bonus Play

Episode 4: Acheron Quarantine

Design Beat: Blasting and maneuvering in strategic ways

Story: Addison arrives at the Acheron Stadium, receives an authorized personal key from Amstrad, and proceeds to help clear Acheron of the invading sprites. At the end the Rogue hacks into Addison's screen and reveals that he has kidnapped Aran. 

  Mission Name  Design Beat               
 Rewards   Type
 Flanking Maneuvers
 Choose the safest path
 Acheron Sniper
 Barricades  Move blocks to create safe paths
Purple Flare Background
and Acheron Beat
 Evasive Maneuvers
 Blast safe paths past enemies
 Glass Block
 Just The Right Blast
 Blast only what you need
 Acheron Pacer
 Fragile Fragging
 Lay out glass blocks to work with blasting
 Acheron Pouncer
 The Spawning Source
 Blast enemies spawning from Spawning Blocks
 Acheron Chaser
 Bonus: Frozen Survival
 Survive waves of enemies
 Snow Background
Bonus Play
 Bonus: Spawning Blueprints
 Build a game using the Survive Until timer and Enemy Spawn Generator

 Enemy Spawn Generator

Bonus Build

Episode 5:  The Armory
Design Beat: Learn to use and design around items and pick-ups.
Story: Addison decides that the only hope is to go into the Armory to find the Rogue and Aran. Using the key Addison was given from Amstrad, Addison finds the Rogue, but no Aran. The alarm is set off and as Acheron units move in to capture the intruder. The Rogue gives Addison one last chance, join his Order of the Rogue or be captured. Addison gives in, but leaves a secret message for the other League Mechanics.
   Mission Name   Design Beat                 Rewards  Type
 Never Go Down
 Picking up Health Packs to get through tough levels
 Acheron Nemesis
 Heal Stations
 Place Health Packs at difficult points in a level 
 Health Pack
 Dash And Blast
Manage a limited time Blaster pick-up
 Acheron Scout
 Triple Threat
 Place Blaster pick-ups to blast away enemies
 Blaster Pick-Up
 Big Bad Boss Battle
 Defeat various bosses with item pick-ups.
 Acheron Hero
 The Showdown
 Place blaster and health items to help defeat the boss
 Acheron Boss
 Bonus: Getting Even
 Be extremely careful with jumps and pick-ups
 Acheron Jumper
 Bonus Play

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