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1. Addison Joins the League: First Quest

Background Story: Jhansi and Samson discover Rodney stealing sprites.  Rodney decides that he does not need the League of Mechanics, and goes rogue. 


Journey to Factory 7

Design Beat: Introduction to the type of games available in Gamestar Mechanic (Adventure, Platforming, Action, Puzzle/Experimental

Story: Addison travels to Factory 7 to become a Game Mechanic and is on the Airship playing games.


 Mission Name

Design Beat 



Naviron Adventure

Play a Naviron Adventure Game

Naviron Scout


 Altair Journey

Play an Altair Platforming Game 

Altair Jumper 


 Acheron Gauntlet

Play an Acheron Action Game 

Acheron Marksman


 Karakuri Mindbender

Play a Karakuri Experimental Game 

Karakuri Chaser 



Elevator Emergency

Design Beat: Introduction to longer, more complex games in Gamestar Mechanic, as well as introducing the concept that games can be edited.

Story: Addison’s elevator malfunctions, supposedly due to a mysterious character named the Rogue. Jhansi, a League Mechanic, enlists Addison’s help.


 Misson Name
Design Beat 
Naviron Elevator 
Introduce more complex games with multiple rules/goals 
Naviron Elevator EDIT 
Introduce the idea that games can be edited directly 
Bonus Point 
Bonus: Elevator Elevation
Challenging Platformer 
Train Tracks 2 Background
Bonus Play 
Samson's League of Mechanics

Design Beat: Teaching some of the Elements of Game Design (Goals, Space, Rules) as well as the first missions that require the player to edit games themselves.

Story: Addison is recruited by Jhansi and must learn the basics of a Game Mechanic, first by fixing the security systems that were sabotaged by the Rogue.


 Mission Name

Design Beat



Security System Goals 

Teach the concept of Goals 

Score Keeper, Frag Counter



Goal Repair 

Instruct use of move tool as well as basics of editor and repairing games 

White Block, Black Block Appearance



Security System Space

Teach the concept of Space

Orange Block Appearance


 Space Repair

Instruct use of delete tool as well as allow players to edit Space

Red Block Appearance


 Security System Rules

Teach the concept of Rules

Health Meter


 Rule Repair

Instruct use of wrench tool on system sprites as well as editing Rules



 Bonus: Timer Dash  Finding the most optimal path

Green Fog Background

 Bonus Play
Bonus: Safe Spots
 Avoiding enemies through safe spots

Orange Flare Background 

 Bonus Play
Gaining Perspective

Design Beat: Introduces Platforming games to the player and how it is a different perspective than Top-Down Games. Also brings in the idea of gravity.

Story: Addison is introduced to the Perspective Theater 3000, where Jhansi teaches him about perspective.

 Mission Name

 Design Beat



Perspective Theater

Show the differences between the two perspectives (top-down and platformer)

 Grass Block, Dirt Block



Is it the Shoes?

Instruct use of level settings, specifically editing gravity

 League Jumper


Component Theater

Teach the concept of Components 

 League Pacer


Raining Pacers?

Instruct use of Sprite Tray and adding sprites to a game

 Cloud Block


Bonus: Top-Down?

Changing a Top-Down game to a Platforming game 

 League Pouncer

Bonus Repair 

Bonus: Platforming? 

Changing a Platforming game to a Top-Down game

 League Marksman

Bonus Repair

The Balance Room
Design Beat: The player is taught the idea of balance in a game and different ways to make a game easier or harder. They are also given the chance to publish their own game from scratch and are given their Publishing License after completion.

Story: Samson decides Addison is worthy and takes him to the Balance Room to learn about balancing games. Addison is finally recognized as a League Mechanic and is given a Workshop.

Mission Name

Design Beat



Walk and Chew Gum

Balancing Goals

League Sniper


Harmony of Health and Time

Balancing Rules

Dark Blue Block


Stabilized Space

Balancing Space

League of Mechanics Soundtrack


Crazed Marching

Instruct use of wrench tool on sprites as well as balancing settings

Blue Block


Clean Slate

Instruct how to publish, as well as give an opportunity to make a game from scratch

Gold Block, Publishing License


Bonus: A Real Hero

Play a well-balanced, complete game

Beautiful Day Background

Bonus Play

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the breakdown of missions for the Premium Quests.

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