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3. Dungeon of the Rogue: Third Premium Quest

Episode 1: The Fun House

Design Beat: Using hidden information in a game

Addison and the Rogue find themselves in the Karakuri Fun house, where things aren’t always what they seem in the fun house. At the end they find a hidden entrance to the Karakuri Laboratories.

 Mission Name        
 Design Beat
 Rewards Type
 The Bounding Room
 Keep track of your own position in variously bounded levels
 Karakuri Sniper
 Ghostly Games
 Use precise timing and movement with information that is constantly hidden
 Karakuri Ghost
 Red Light, Green Light
Learn to use hidden powers of Karakuri Avatars
 Karakuri Scout
 Vanished  Use the hidden powers with timing in a platforming game
 Karakuri Jumper
 The Invisible Hero
 Combine the hidden powers with timing and blasting in platforming levels
 Karakuri Hero
 Hidden Agendas
 Find a way through hidden paths
 Karakuri Marksman
 Bonus: Specters, Shades , Spirits
 Time your movement to pass through ghosts
Acheron Ghost
 Altair Ghost
League Ghost

 Bonus: Find The Goal!
 Build a level using the Hidden Goal
 Hidden Goal

Episode 2: The Laboratory

Design Beat: Complex space manipulation through teleporter components

The Rogue finds the door to Najas Lab and reveals to Addison that he wants to bring his games to life.  He tries to take Addison hostage but Naja comes to the rescue and takes Addison through a teleporter.

  Mission Name       
  Design Beat  Rewards  Type
 Is This Magic?
 Introduce teleporters and how they work
 Red Flare Background
 Hub And Spokes
 Use teleporters to reach different spaces and collect points
 Karakuri Pacer
 Danger On All Sides
 Navigate patterns of enemies created from manipulated space
 Karakuri Mega Sniper
 Teleporter Mechanic
 Move teleporters to manipulate space
 Karakuri Pouncer
 Warp Overload
 Keep track of the manipulation of space to navigate and achieve goals 
 Karakuri Nemesis
 Unknown Destination
 Build a level using teleporters
 Teleport Origin
 Bonus: Choose Your Own Adventure
 Choose your own path through teleporters 
 Karakuri Mega Chaser

Episode 3: Naviron Maze

Design Beat: Use information as a resource

Naja and Addison come out into the Naviron Maze, meeting Emil and discovering the problems in Naviron. They proceed to enlist the help of the Librarians to reach the Naviron Vault where the Rogue is.

   Mission Name           Design Beat   Rewards   Type
 Fiddling With Riddles
 Use the information to progress through top-down riddles
 Moss Skin

Question Message Block

Book Message Block

Sign Message Block

Text Message Block
 Puzzling Platforms

Use information to progress through platforming riddles

 Female and Male Informer

Treasure Chest Skin

 The Impervious Defender
 Use your new shield and information given to disrupt enemy patterns
 Naviron Defender
 Sentry Smashathon
 Learn to use the Population Counter
 Population Counter
 The Cave Prison
 Use your new shield in a platforming game to get past enemies
 Naviron Guardian
Cobblestone Skin
 Bonus: Too Few Keys
 Place locks to change the level layout while only having limited keys
 Blue Key and Lock
Bonus Repair
 Bonus: Touch Of Danger
 Choose which paths to open through locks with an unlimited key 
 Green Key and Lock
Bonus Play

Episode 4: Naviron Vault

Design Beat: Close combat strategy.

Story: Addison, Naja, and Emil get inside the Vault and are proceeded to be attacked by a living sprite. They manage to take its sword and proceed through the Vault. At the end they find Aran and discover that the Rogue's living sprites are getting out of control.

    Mission Name 
    Design Beat  Rewards  Type
 The Emerald Knight
 Learn to use the sword and shield in tandem
 Naviron Knight
 Soaring Swordsman
 Use your sword and shield in a platforming game
 Naviron Hero
 Close Encounters
 Learn to maneuver around and destroy shielded enemies
 Naviron Sentry
 Facing Off Foes
 Use sword and shield in unpredictable scenarios
Steel Skin
Stone Skin
Wood Block

 Spear Sidestepping
 Place blocks to create a path to the goal block past chasing enemies
 Brick Skin

Green Block Skin
 Bonus: Vacant Sentinels
 Build a level using the Naviron Sprites
 Hedge Skin
Bonus Build
 Bonus: Vault Clearing
 Clear out the remaining enemies
Navrion Lancer
 Bonus Play

Episode 5: The Dungeon Of The Rogue
Design Beat: Learning how to adapt to a system respawns sprites and how to maneuver through moving platforms.
Story: Addison has finally caught up to the Rogue, but that doesn’t mean everything is over. Real sprites wreak havoc in the Factory!                                 

Mission Name

Design Beat



 Rise Of The Phoenix

Introduction to a system that respawns sprites

 Rodney Scout


 Phoenix Nest

 Edit Phoenix block duration in order to maneuver around enemies

 Phoenix Block


 Unstable Ground

 Learn to maneuver through moving blocks and platforms

 Rodney Jumper


 Make Your Own Way

  Strategically place moving blocks around map to reach goal block

 Moving Block
Minion Altair Jumper


 One Cool Blaster

 Understanding how to combine different sprite elements to overcome obstacles

 Minion Acheron Hero


 A Freezing Fix

 Adjust settings and use freeze blaster on enemies as stepping stones

 Freeze Blaster


 A Very Important Mission

 Guide the VIP through obstacles and keep him alive

 Naviron VIP


 Blocker bodyguard

 Strategically place blocks to guide VIP to safety

 Minion Naviron VIP
Minion Naviron Scout


Episode 6: The Finale
Design Beat: Utilizing everything you have learned from the quests to complete the final missions, while learning about the new power ups.
Story: Time is running out as the school mechanics have to spread out to save the Factory.  It's up to Addison to use their feedback and fix the games.

 Mission Name

 Design Beat



 Puzzle Garden Of Doom

 Introduced to new backpack item and how to use the inventory

 Emile Scout



 Puzzle Garden Of Doom Fix

 Using the text message block to give users more information

 Emile Jumper




 Using the Informants to give better directions and information to users





  Understanding how the armor sprite functions and how to use it

Amstrad Scout




 Amordillo fix

 Figure out where to place armor pick ups and when to use them

 Amstrad Jumper



 Crowded Cave

 Using your knowledge from the quest, position enemies and pick ups strategically

 Armor Pack




 Understanding how the phase pick up works and how maneuver through enemies

Naja Scout 



 KaraChaos! Fix

 Adjust enemy count and path in order to complete the level

Naja Jumper



 The Boss Of Who

 Strategically place blocks and picks up in order to defeat boss’s

 Phasing Pickup



 Double The Air

  Learn and use the new double jump technique

Aran Scout



 Double The Air Fix

 Minimizing the platform space and implementing the double jump to fix the level

 Aran Jumper



 Up, Down, In, Out

  Using your elements of design, use the sprites given to make areas in the level more accessible

Double Jump Boots


 Forging the way

  Using everything you’ve learned in the quest and creativity for design, build a level using all the sprites you have available to help Addison escape.

 Addison Scout

Addison Jumper


 Bonus: Mega Trouble

 Maneuver through the enemies to progress

 Jhansi Scout

Jhansi Jumper
League Mega Chaser


 Bonus: Mega? More Like Ultra!

 Maneuver through the enemies to progress

 Samson Scout

Samson Jumper
League Mega Sniper
Altair Mega chaser
Acheron Mega Sniper


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