9.2 Creating Simple Goals

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Simple goals are those that have only one condition that must be met.

Just because a goal is simple that does not mean it is easy to reach.
What kinds of sprites can help a player under- stand how close they are to reaching a goal?

How can a goal be modified to make a game easy or hard?
Dungeon Crawler

Quest for the Golden Coin

Do Not Pass!

What's on for today:

In this lesson students will invent games based on a game goal, exploring ways of creating game play around a set of requirements for winning.

What you need:

-Index cards to create simple win conditions
-Multiple copies “Playtester feedback worksheet” per student

What's attached:

-Playtester feedback worksheet


Total: 1 hour

Design - 30 minutes
Playtest and Iterate - 20 minutes
Discuss - 10 minutes


30 minutes

1. Write down a set of simple win conditions using index cards or blank pieces of paper and put them in a hat, such as:

Eliminate all enemies to win.
Reach the goal block to win.
Collect 40 points to win.
Stay alive until the timer runs out.
Reach the goal block in under 20 seconds.

2. Have students draw a win condition from the hat and design a game around it.

20 minutes

1. Encourage students to playtest and iterate early in the process.

2. Playtesters should be encouraged to give the game’s designers feedback based on the follow- ing criteria:

    Is the goal of the game clear to the player?

    Is the game challenging by still winnable?

10 minutes

Initiate a discussion based on the following:

    What were some different ways that people used goals as a starting point for a game idea?

    What was the thinking behind your choice?

    Did you have a specific kind of play experience in mind for your player? How did you achieve        the design of this experience?

How did it go?

Did student explore and compare different ways of designing goals in a game?

Did they use system sprites to communicate progress toward a goal?

Did they refine their designs based on feedback from playtesters?

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Jan 4, 2011, 8:22 AM