3.3.3 Sprite Tray

There are two main sections in the Sprite Tray:

At the top of the Sprite Tray, Levels in the current game are displayed. The player can move freely between levels to edit them. Clicking and dragging the level name to a new position within the window allows players to reorder the levels in their game.

The Sprite Tray also contains all of the player’s Sprites.
Sprites are the essential building blocks of Gamestar Mechanic games. As players proceed through the Quests, they are awarded new Sprites to use in their games. Once a player has earned a Sprite, it can be used an unlimited number of times.

As players proceed through the Gamestar Quests (in-game curriculum) they earn “Sprites”, which appear in their Work Area inventory. The more advanced a player is, the more Sprites they will have to build games with.

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