3.5 Sprites

Sprites are the components that you can place on the work area. Use the wrench tool to change the settings of a sprite: speed, health, movement patterns, etc.

Sprites are divided into five basic groups:

Avatar Sprites
are the objects in the game that are under direct control by the player. Only one Avatar may be placed in the playing area at a time. When the game is played, the arrow keys on the keyboard and the Space bar control the Avatar. Left-handed students can use the WASD keys to control Avatars as well.

Enemy Sprites are objects that exist to hinder the player’s progress by causing damage to the Avatar. Enemies come in a variety of types, and each one has a number of settings that determine its behavior.

Block Sprites are used for creating the environment of games. They do not move once they are placed in the playing area. Most blocks are used to create terrain for the player to explore—mazes to sneak through, plat- forms to jump on, and obstacles to hide behind.

Item Sprites are objects that the Avatar can collect and is rewarded by. They can modify the behavior of the Avatar by granting it new abilities, as well as modifying System sprites. For instance, when you pick up the time bonus you will earn extra time to complete the level.

System Sprites
control aspects of the game, including monitoring the winning conditions for each Level. They are not physical objects in the Play Area, but rather above the game space and monitor what is going on inside, providing feedback to players on their play. For example, the point counter keeps track of the player’s collected points.

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