Lesson 4: Design

At the end of this lesson students will be able to:
Gamestar Content related to this lesson:          
Design a balanced game in Gamestar Mechanic.
  Designing in the Workshop

What's on for today:

Having acquired information on game design elements and balance, students now have the resources to design a fun and challenging game.

Students will design their own games in Gamestar Mechanic.

Materials Attached:

• Challenge Cards Worksheet (Copy and cut out the challenge cards so each student gets one.)


Total Time: 50 minutes

Warm Up (5 minutes)

1. Explain to the students that today they will design their own games in Gamestar Mechanic.

2. Hand out one challenge card to each student. Our challenge card worksheet includes four challenge cards.

You may let the students choose which challenge they want to do, or you can assign them challenges.

You can also choose one challenge for the whole class, and see how the students design it differently.

Design (45 mintues)

1. Have the students log in to Gamestar Mechanic and tell them to go to the Workshop. Here they can start designing their game based on the challenge card.

2. As the students design their games, check that they are focusing on the elements of game design. Remind them that they want fun, challenging games that give the players a number of choices.

3. As they finish designing, encourage them to play each other’s games.

(The next lesson will cover how to effectively playtest and give feedback.)

How did it go?

Were the students able to design a balanced game?

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Apr 13, 2011, 2:58 PM