Blueprint Inspirations

School floor plan

House floor plan
Yesterday, I attended a career fair at school. The goal of the fair was to introduce us to different jobs and professions. A bunch of people were invited from different fields and asked to set up a booth that looked like the place they worked. It was interesting how each booth was put together, resembling the look and feel of a real workplace through the use of materials, space, equipment, and other things typical of that job.

As I stopped by the architecture booth, I saw a guy bent over a large piece of graph paper, explaining the detailed drawing on it. He said that these detailed drawings, called blueprints, show a builder how to construct a building. Blueprints usually include floor plans, front, side and back views of the building, and some- times outside views. As he spoke, I stared at the graph paper and my mind drifted off into idea land. The paper reminded me of the grid-like space in Gamestar Mechanic!

I’m not an architect, but I thought blueprints and floor plans were a great inspiration for a way to create games in Gamestar. I pulled out some paper and started sketching. First I drew a few floor plans of real-world spaces I liked, and also of spaces that I felt could be better designed. My first blueprint was for a museum. I also made one of my house and one for how I felt my school should be. A lot of thought went into that one.

It was pretty easy to create floor plans in Gamestar. I used the level editor to create a top-down space with no gravity, which seemed to work well. I used the ice block to create the outline of the various spaces in the floor plan. I then played around with various sprites to see what game play I could design, given the shape of the space I’d made. I thought about the avatar, enemies, the goal, the core mechanic and the challenges. After several iterations, each of my sketches turned into really fun games. I used the game labels to make a cool storyline for my new levels. Maybe I’ll be invited to design the game design booth next year.