A Thank You Gift


Persian carpet
One of my best friends is soon going on vacation to Turkey and Iran. He told me that one of the places he wants to visit on his trip is the workshop of a world-famous Persian carpet weaver. Apparently this weaver has been making carpets his whole life, and the tradition has been passed down through many guenerations of his family. The carpets are known for their fine quality, beautiful colors, and detailed patterns.

Since I have been helping out my friend out on a few projects recently, he told me that he wants to buy me one of these amazing carpets to express his appreciation. He asked me to give him the surface area of two rooms in my house, so that he could know what dimensions the carpets could be. This morning, I calculated the total area of my bedroom as well as one specific space where I thought a carpet might look nice. My bedroom is not a perfect square or rectangle, so I had to figure out how to break down the space into smaller rectangles, as well as a circle. After getting all of the measurements, I calculated the total area of the room as well as the specific area where I thought the carpet might look good.

Later on in the day, when I was in my Gamestar workshop, I decided to use these measurements to design several games. It’d be almost like making a copy of my room in Gamestar Mechanic. After creating these games, I figured that I could design a multi-level game based on the areas of the other rooms in my house. Although I haven’t quite finished measuring all of the rooms, I can’t wait to see how it turns out.