A Mythical Tale

Egyptian Mythology

Mythology, or myths as they are also known, have lately begun to pique my interest. My grandmother used to tell me that myths “provide a deep understanding of the heart of a culture and its way of life.” But it wasn’t until I stumbled upon this awesome book about World Mythology in the library that I really understood what she was talking about.

A myth is a story about the early history of a people, or about naturally occurring phenomena like the rising of tides or the cycle of the moon. The book introduced me to stories from all over the world—Greek myths, Indian myths, Egyptian myths, Roman myths, Norse myths and more. I learned that myths often reflect and affect the culture that they belong to by highlighting the feats of a particular hero (whether a real person from history or someone made up) and by teaching morals and values to live by.

As I was reading, I kept thinking to myself that it would be amazing to introduce these mythological tales to the players of Gamestar Mechanic. I wanted to see how I could represent a myth through the medium of a game. I started my experiment by choosing a myth that was interesting to me. I read it over and over again to understand the central plot, identify the heroes and the enemy the hero had to overcome, as well as the main message in their triumph.

I chose the tale of Houyi. In ancient Chinese mythology, there were once ten suns burning in the sky, and Houyi was the hero who shot nine suns down to save the people and to allow life to exist on planet Earth.

I then explored the various Gamestar avatars and their parameters to choose one that best represented the hero. Since Houyi was an archer, I chose an Avatar that could shoot. Choosing the system sprites was crucial to communicate the goal of the story. I used the Frag Counter and set it to 9: one for each sun. Writing the game label for my game was also very helpful in fleshing out the story. Ultimately my experiment worked out, and the Game- star world had its first ever “Myth Game!”