The Virtual Atomic Museum

The US Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA) operated from 1951, in various forms, until 1979 when it's functions were pulled into the newly formed Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).What you'll find here are images and text from a variety of literature concerning atomic weapons and civil defense produced by the United States Civil Defense effort, primarily during the 1950s and 1960s. The bulk of this material was

produced for wide distribution to prepare the American people for a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union.In addition what's here, find still more over at the Atomic Age Collection and under Civil Defense at the CPS Blog!

First, these small pamphlets were distributed as a set to schools, libraries, post offices - and to anyone who asked - during the "Grandma's Pantry" campaign of the mid 1950s.

Then there are these are some of the better known Civil Defense publications of the cold war era.


Part 1, Nuclear Attack

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

This pamphlet specifically covers Portland, Oregon and the surrounding area. For those familiar with Portland, there's a very interesting map of evacuation routes (1955).

And more!

  • In Time of Emergency - A Citizen's Handbook on Nuclear Attack, Natural Disasters