Host a Fundraiser or House Party

Please consider hosting a fundraiser at your home or in your town to benefit the life-saving work of Fuego del Sol in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  FdS representatives are available to travel to your location and make the event a strong success. If you are interested or even curious about creating a fundraiser in your area, contact, and we'll put you in touch with other people who have had successful FdS events in their towns. Thanks!


It takes 10 pounds of the wood from beautiful trees to make one pound of charcoal in Haiti and many of those trees are stolen from the Dominican Republic. Our Haitian workers earn a living wage that is double the Haitian minimum wage, producing thousands of ecological briquettes every day. Paper is provided by the US Embassy, the United Nations, and the Canadian Embassy. Before FdS started in Haiti, the paper and cardboard was either being dumped and burned or baled up to be sent to China. Now this local Haitian resource is used for fuel in clean ecological stoves to cook rice and beans for students in the schools of Port-au-Prince. 

Thanks for supporting our development work in Haiti.     

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