FdS Frontier Program

Looking to create, expand or legalize a project in Haiti or the Dom. Rep.? FdS can help.

One of the greatest barriers to innovative international developmental programming is the difficulty of establishing legal business operations in different global locations.

El Fuego del Sol (FdS)  operates sibling LLC’s in the Dominican Republic and Port-au-Prince, Haiti with the mission of improving the ecological and social environments of the two countries. In addition to the current FdS programs, FdS seeks to develop, encourage, and incubate other developmental projects lead by social entrepreneurs who share the FdS model of sustainable international development. Thus FdS has created “The Frontier Program.”

Founding a company or an NGO in the Dominican Republic can take over 6 months and as much as $6,000. Founding a company or an NGO in Haiti can take over 2 years and over $10,000.

FdS seeks to connect with visionaries who have potentially sustainable projects that could benefit the people and the ecology of the island of Hispaniola, and to assist those projects in their initial development, including viability testing, without the new projects requiring many thousands of dollars of initial investment.

The business terminology for the FdS Frontier Program would be a social-eco developmental holding company which offers potential Frontier candidates the following advantages:

  • Immediate project implementation under the existing business structures of FdS in Haiti and/or the Dominican Republic.

  • Interactive feedback of project specifics based on the FdS team’s ten years of culturally integrated developmental experience on Hispaniola.

  • Direct connection to the local implementation partner network of FdS in both countries

  • Time-appropriate introductions  to potential funding and financing entities that have previously supported and/or indicated possible support for FdS programs.

  • Exploration of potential charitable support for the new projects which is similar to current FdS agreements with fiscal sponsors.

  • Potential volunteer connections with individuals seeking international development positions.

The corporate design of the FdS Frontier Program as a developmental holding company would offer the new projects the possibility of starting as an FdS subsidiary with a corporate model that is mutually beneficial to the new project and FdS, with the specific long-term potential of the new project spinning off into its own separate entity when project logistics allow. The eventual operational models include a for-profit design, a not-for-profit design, or a  hybrid design with headquarters in the Dominican Republic, Haiti or the United States. The FdS development team has direct experience in forming for-profit and not-for-profit entities.

Have an idea that needs some on-the-ground experience? Contact FdS re: the Frontier Program.