Sustainable Waste Collection

El Fuego del Sol Haiti is unlike any other international project that is asking for your support. FdS Haiti is designed to be financially sustainable long term. Now you can help us grow.


Waste disposal in Haiti is dismal. Garbage is taken to unprotected dumps where it is picked over and burned. Children and adults breath the toxic smoke, trying to find whatever they can sell, or even eat to let them survive. Animals are brought here to die. FdS Haiti is working for change.

Please donate to El Fuego del Sol

Before FdS-Haiti, paper waste was either burned in the dumps or sent as scrap overseas. Haiti needs all of its resources. FdS is now offering ecological collection services, so companies, who are currently paying to have their waste dumped and burned, can pay our workers to have their waste disposed of in the most ecological methods possible. Paper waste, plus aluminum and plastic containers will all be recycled. Food waste will be composted into much needed fertilizer. Old tires will be used by our partners, Rebuild Globally to make sandals and put more Haitian people to work. FdS will utilize every component of the waste stream that can be reused in Haiti. FdS provides this service at competitive prices with companies that just dump and burn. The funds we raise through waste collection services will go to support our other work in delivering ecological fuel briquettes to Haitian schools.

In 2013, the first  year of operation of operation in Haiti, FdS grew into the largest paper recycler in Haiti. Fall 2013, we expanded into full waste collection service. Companies, organizations and embassies in Haiti pay to have their waste removed and dumped, but none of the waste collection services offer any genuine recycling services, except FdS.

If you operate any facility in Port-au-Prince Haiti and you are now paying to have your waste removed, please contact Fuego del Sol Haiti. FdS Haiti is already recycling a winder variety of materials in Haiti than any other organization. Let FdS Haiti recycle for you.

If you are in the waste management industry in the US or Europe (or really any industry), and you have a truck or other collection equipment that you would like to donate to ecological waste collection and recycling in Haiti, please contact us. FdS is looking to expand the services that we offer. That truck you may not be using, could make a big difference in Haiti.

Your donation now can make a permanent difference. We are always expanding our fleet of vehicles. We have our operations license. We have our growing list of waste collection clients. 

You can always come down to visit us and see progress yourself. Full transparency.  

All donations are tax deductible.  Contact