About Fuego del Sol

El Fuego del Sol is a is a charitable program holding US IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit status in support of sibling Haitian and Dominican Social Eco-Enterprises, managed by an American / Haitian / Dominican board of directors. Fuego del Sol works to introduce key ecological technologies in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. It is the FdS mission to provide ecological and social solutions, including technological advances, that work to improve the life of developing country populations while creating long-term sustainable program income. The products and services we introduce and provide are chosen based on detailed product and market testing, and they are specifically focused on issues that Haitian and Dominican families see as recurring issues in their everyday lives. Through this co-creation model, FdS consistently works to introduce and develop the most effective sociological, ecological, economical and flexible solutions available.
El Fuego del Sol follows international Fair Trade standards in all operations in Haiti, the DR and the USA. FdS requires all suppliers and business partners to follow Fair Trade standards as well. El Fuego del Sol partners with the Dominican NGO, Grupo Jaragua, to facilitate Sun Oven donations and educational / developmental programs. FdS works with the UN World Food Program in Haiti to assist in the implementation of the WFP School Feeding Program. FdS connects with Volunteers around the world through our Fiscal Sponsor: Omprakash.org. FdS also partners with Rebuild Globally and Haiti Communitere to provide the best developmental solutions to the Haitian People. FdS provides ecological tourism services in conjunction with Global Exchange. FdS has received program support from the US EPA, the International Organization for Migration, the Clinton Foundation and the Women's Empowerment Fund of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. FdS is always looking to expand its network of conscientious individuals, for-profit companies, and not-for-profit organizations. Along with our partners, we promote the goal to grow a strong coalition dedicated to the introduction of innovative technologies paired with encouraging personal responsibility, initiative, participation and leadership in the work to develop functional solutions to systemic problems. 

Click here for information about Donating a Sun Oven to a Dominican or Haitian family and receiving a US income tax benefit

Olga's Success Story

Our head solar chef, Olga (pictured above), is a prime example of this program’s success. Olga cooks with her Sun Oven every day, and bakes with it in the afternoon for her cake baking micro-business. She also travels throughout the region to train other community leaders in solar cooking. Since the recipients of the Sun Oven know they are the first participants in what will be a large initiative, they report strong investment in helping the program succeed. They are already being very inventive with cooking techniques. One of the favorite local staple dishes in the DR is a type of fried chicken. Olga and her team at the Grupo Jaragua Community Center in Ovieado, DR developed a new method of roasting chicken in the solar oven that results in juicy chicken with a crispy skin almost identical to fried chicken, but a healthier alternative.  Most who eat it think it is fried, but this solar method uses much less oil than frying, deliciously cooking the chicken in its own juices. Cooking innovations like Olga’s Sun Oven Roasted Chicken are the key to continued use by members of this and neighboring communities. Every day, the women of this community are demonstrating to the world that solar cooking is a viable and desirable cooking solution.