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El Fuego del Sol is pleased to support tax-deductible donations of Sun Ovens for the Dominican Republic and Haiti!

Solar Household Energy aka: "SHE" (  SHE is providing US tax benefits for donations supporting ecological Sun Oven donations in the Dominican Republic (DR) and Haiti.

We encourage donations to SHE-Inc. to deliver Sun Ovens to Haitian and Dominican families.

For a limited time, donations are eligible for a matching program. Grupo Jaragua provides 55% of a Sun Oven for every 45% donation.

$279 will sponsor one
 complete Sun Oven Donation for
a Dominican or Haitian family.
$119 will sponsor the SHE-Inc portion of a matching Sun Oven Donation for
          a Dominican or Haitian family.

$59 will sponsor a set of 3 cooking pots that fit great in a Sun Oven

Donations of any dollar amount are greatly appreciated. 

Click Here to Donate Now.

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Program: Sun Ovens for the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Population Served:
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged, Indigent, General
Female Adults
Children and Youth (infants - 19 years.)

Program Description:

Solar Household Energy, Inc. (SHE Inc.) partners with Grupo Jaragua, a non-profit organization in the Dominican Republic (DR), to address the problems associated with obtaining fuel for cooking in the DR and Haiti. Deforestation has long been a serious problem for Haiti, resulting in erosion and landslides and fuel shortages. Since the 2010 earthquake, the need for cooking fuel, primarily charcoal, has become an even greater challenge, further stressing the island’s forests. Although the DR, which shares a long border with Haiti on the same island has had greater success with limiting deforestation, supply and cost of cooking fuel is still a difficulty for many of its people. 

 Grupo Jaragua, located in the border region of the DR and Haiti, works with local leaders and grass-roots organizations to introduce solar cooking to communities, train local cooks, and facilitate the adoption and use of the Sun Ovens by households. Solar cooking permits families to save much of the meager household income that they would have spent on fuel, or the time they would have spent collecting wood. Regular solar cooking prevents trees from being cut for fuelwood or charcoal and leaves agricultural byproducts to improve the soil.  The carbon-offset program, Kyoto Twist, estimates that each Sun Oven used for at least 1/3 of a household’s cooking can offset up to one ton of CO2 per year, or 25 tons over the oven’s lifespan. The health benefits for women and children from reduced inhalation of smoke from cooking fires are also well documented. Grupo Jaragua combines the Sun Oven program with other community programs including literacy, micro-lending and reforestation. The Sun Ovens are produced in the DR at the El Fuego del Sol factory, which follows Fair Trade manufacturing standards and provides local jobs. El Fuego del Sol also coordinates trips to the island for ecotourists interested in the Sun Oven program and other ecological issues.


Click here to read a personal story of Olga who has worked to receive her own Sun Oven through our Distribution and Adoption program.  Olga now cooks with her Sun Oven everyday and trains others in the art of solar cooking.

Visit our Sun Oven program and help us replant the lush tropical forests of the DR / Haiti border region. See how your group can make a real difference in countries that are just a two hour flight from Miami and offset your own carbon footprint in the process!

If you would like a Sun Oven of your own. We have a give one / get one program. Please contact for more information.