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90days since
Medical Mission Trip to the DR with Adventist Hinsdale Hospital

25 Briquettes in 62 Seconds & 6 Min. Boil!


FdS is now partnered with:

Twenty Haitian Workers who Survived the 2010 Earthquake
Making Fuel Briquettes with El Fuego 
To Cook Hot Meals for Schoolkids with the 
World Food Program.

FdS is Supported by the Women's Empowerment Fund 
of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves!

FdS is Supported by the Clinton Foundation!

Donate now to our project in Haiti. Each Briquette Press that we produce leads to 
10 permanent jobs for Haitian workers, and thousands of fuel briquettes 
to prepare hot meals for the school kids of Haiti.

Email: kevin (at) for more info.
Service trips to the DR and/or Haiti
Bring help to Haiti, providing support, development and  ecological cooking with Sun Ovens.

Contact us for new High School and University  Programs customized just for your group / organization!

Since 2005 we have served Voluntourism Travelers 
                                                 ready to lend a hand.

The Rare Flora and Fauna of the DR / Haiti Border

El Fuego del Sol demonstrated Sun Ovens June 2011 for former US President Bill Clinton and current Haitian President  Michel Martelly

El Fuego del Sol

World's First Open-Source Experiment

in Creating Sustainable Community.

Our programs connect international tourists with Dominican and Haitian people, and the history, culture, cuisine, and ecology of the island. Worktrips, day-tours and ecotourism travelers are welcome. Help El Fuego del Sol help others. Featured in Conscious Choice magazine,, Changemakers and NPR's program Worldview.