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POF Characteristics and Applications

Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) is extremely reliable and rugged, which has led to its recent adoption in the residential, commercial and industrial networking market. With super fast data rates of up to one Gigabit per second and assured high service quality levels, POF is the most robust technology for 100 Mbps optical fast ethernet and next 1 Gbps optical gigabit ethernet networks.

POF offers all advantages of Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) without any of its challenges.

POF is also ideally suited for delivering high-bandwidth emerging applications like IPTV and other triple play services. Many are the advantages of deploying POF for residential, commercial and industrial networking, instead of traditional wiring like CAT5 and CAT6, Poverline and wireless WiFi.

Quick, Easy and Inexpensive Installations
POF can be deployed by a home builder, either a professional or a do-it-yourself installer, using very basic tools. POF offers simple connectivity which makes installations simple, easy, quick and far more straight-forward than other copper and optical networking technologies. POF is so quick, easy and inexpensive to install that it will reduce the cost of truck rolls for broadband service providers.
High Bandwidth

POF currently offers data rates of up to 100 Mbps and in the future it will cover up to 1 Gbps, ensuring high quality of service to every home and office device. This makes POF the most robust technology for 100 Mbps optical fast ethernet networks in residential, commercial and industrial environments.

Small and Convenient

At the ultra-thin diameter of 2.2 mm, POF can be easily deployed in new construction or retrofit installations, either inside wall cavities in the same ducts of electricity cables or outside the wall along baseboards, under carpets or anywhere cables are typically run.

Rugged and Durable

POF is an extremely rugged and durable technology that can bend and flex without any loss of service, loss of bandwidth or damage to the cabling. This makes POF ideal for deployment in all types of construction.

Immunity to Electrical Noise

POF transmits data optically, which makes it completely immune to electrical noise. This means that POF can be installed even next to electrical wiring. This is an important advantage of POF for bandwidth-intensive applications, like multimedia data transmission, as the signal delivered over POF will not degrade or be negatively impacted by external noise.

Simple Design

POF is ideal for architects and home/office designers, as one POF cable satisfies all network media needs. Currently, POF can be used for point-to-point links up to 75 meters for 100 Mbps with 0.5NA cables, and up to 100 meters for 100 Mbps with more powerful POF cables with 0.3NA. Repeaters that extend the optical network are also available.

Widely Used

POF is a proven technology in many markets and is already widely used in the automotive industry: there are over 20 million cars using plastic optical fiber to deliver high speed in-car infotainment.

Cost Effective

Plastic optical fiber cabling, EoPOF devices, connectors and fiber optic transceivers are ideal for broadband service providers and for builders who are challenged to deploy advanced residential, commercial and industrial networking products under budget constraints.

Quick Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is quick and easy, as POF uses a visible eye-safe red light to transfer data from one device to another. POF is the only interconnecting technology allowing signal to be seen at both ends, which makes troubleshooting very easy: a quick glance inside the cable will indicate successful connectivity to the network, shown by a red light.

Gigabit over Plastic Optical Fiber (POF)

This video demonstrates the potential of plastic optical fiber using LED technology.

Using OFDM modulation (known from MOCA, HomePlug, etc.) 1 Gbps transmission is demonstrated.

With Firecomms' OptoLock™ POF fiber transceiver the fiber termination is not needed at all, making POF communications a simple plug & play and do-it-yourself optical networking technology and solution for home and office broadband networking applications.


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