Policy Principles

The Greens in Lyne Electorate are the party for the future

Climate change

  • We need to stop burning fossil fuels as soon as possible & the strategies for this are energy efficiency measures & adoption of renewable energy,

  • Energy efficient passive solar & naturally ventilated homes must become the norm, through retro-fitting & appropriate guidelines for new construction. Housing allotments in new land developments should be designed to facilitate these low energy houses

  • By merely replacing all household off-peak hot water systems in NSW with solar or heat pumps, one coal fired power station could be closed

  • All renewable energy sources for the coast should be explored & developed if viable; expand proven technologies such as rooftop photovoltaics & microturbines; establish pilot projects in microhydro & wave energy. The Dorrigo Plateau has been identified as a significant microhydro producer (see http://www.pelena.com.au/)


  • Investment in rail should take precedence over roads for long distance freight as it requires just 10% of the fuel used by trucks, in addition to the safety benefits for other road users

  • Public transport & purpose-built off-road cycleways should be given high priority in local planning, NOT just more roads

  • We have passed Peak Oil so must find renewable energy sources for future transport

  • We should be improving east-west transport links to enhance the coast as a recreational zone for the inland population & to promote the “foodshed” concept- by this we mean trade in food between the inland & coast allowing each area to optimise it’s comparative advantage

Education & Youth

  • A well funded public education sector with opportunities for all

  • Youth allowance availability should not predjudice rural & regional youth when they wish to advance their education through study in urban centres

  • The younger members of our community are those who will suffer the most by inaction on climate change & other environmental issues, we therefore take seriously any suggestions & inputs put forward by youth.

The economy & sustainable jobs

  • We need to embrace sustainable local food production, taking advantage of our comparative advantage in a mild climate & fertile soils.

  • Land planning should place high priority on preserving this valuable natural resource; housing development must not be allowed on prime agricultural land

  • Food processing, such as Mentges Master Meats in Taree & local artisan cheese & yoghurt makers create local employment & give customers a fresh & healthy food

  • Food marketing with low key shopping centres similar to Belconnen Town Market (www.belconnenmarkets.com.au) in Canberra where family owned small scale outlets provide the bulk of food retailing. This will complement the number of farmers markets in our area which are not always accessible or convenient for householders

  • Tourism favouring small-scale locally owned facilities is a sustainable activity for employment & wealth creation. Local high quality food will enhance tourism.

  • The forest industry needs to run in a sustainable fashion involving community input; including small scale value adding to forest products to provide local employment.

  • Fishing policy needs to provide a balance between the competing interests of recreational fishers who advance tourism; professional fisherman who need adequate incomes & provide the public with fish; along with the environmental challenge of maintaining viable fish stocks.


  • We support proportional representation in the House of Representatives for all states and local government so that the structure of parliament reflects the true wishes of the voters (see http://lesslie.com.au/ for a possible model).

  • Wards are supported in local government to improve representation & a simplified transparent vote counting procedure which people can understand.

  • No corporate or organistional donations to political parties, similar to Canada (see http://canadaonline.about.com/od/federalelections/a/contributions.htm & http://www.democracy4sale.org/

Health & aged care

  • Increased aged care facilties to relieve hospital ;

  • improved & decentralised primary health care to reduce pressure on hospitals;

  • promotion of healthy eating & exercise