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Off-road cycle way for Camden-haven

posted Oct 19, 2009, 8:24 PM by Ian Oxenford   [ updated Jun 17, 2010, 1:32 AM ]

Greens candidate for Lyne, Ian Oxenford, along with the proprietor of Laurieton Cycles, Tony Rowe, has called for the development of a purpose-built off-road cycle way from Laurieton to Kendall. Students from Camden Haven High School would be major beneficiaries.

Mr. Oxenford said, ”the concept has the support of the Kendall Future Directions committee & the Camden Haven High School, including the Parents & Citizens Association.”

The benefits are endless, including improved health for the riders; much is made of childhood obesity & there is no better exercise than cycling. Of course, safety is paramount & that is why the path must be purpose-built & separated from the road, not just an intermittent white stripe along the road side.

There are frequent requests from tourists & holiday makers to the area asking for bike paths so that visitors can safely tour the Camden Haven area by cycle”, said Mr. Rowe. “Sadly I have to tell them that there is no such facility in this area.”

Climate change, despite the best efforts of governments to take it of the agenda, has not gone away & all efforts should be put in to reducing fossil fuel usage. Cycle-use can help this by students riding bikes to school instead of being driven by parents. Cycles could substitute for cars by Laurieton residents when doing minor shopping & other activities. It works in Amsterdam, why not here,” said Mr. Oxenford.

Mr. Rowe also commented on the number of elderly would-be customers who enquire about cycle-use on the advice of their doctors. But fear of injury from cars scares most of them off.

Tourism to cafés in Kew & Kendall would benefit as visitors could take a leisurely ride to these scenic spots to taste the dining highlights of the Camden-haven hinterland. In the interest of sustainable employment we need to foster & promote the small businesses of these villages.

As part of it’s Action for Bikes: Bike Plan 2010, the NSW State Government made commitments for substantial of-road cycle-ways throughout the state, let’s keep them to this undertaking.

The RTA website shows the action & planning required for cycle-way development.