Moving forward with English

What’s GEP?

GEP are the initials of “Grup Experimental Plurilingüe
”. Being in this project implies that some subjects in some levels will be taught in foreign languages (mainly English) in order to improve the English level of the students. Our secondary school has started the GEP project in september 2015 with two non-compulsory subjects in the first level of ESO. These subjects are “Computer Science” and “Let’s speak music”. The main contents in these subjects are, respectively, information technology and music, but the main difference in comparison to the other subjects is that the language which is used is English. The idea is to spread the project to compulsory subjects and higher levels. The students were a little bit reluctant at the start of the year but right now they feel more comfortable in class and they do their best to communicate in English. 

During the first part of course 2015-16 art students have designed different logos for GEP project. Thank you very much!