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Background Checks

Here in the Southeastern Synod, we strongly urge congregations to conduct background checks of staff and volunteers, especially those working with children and youth. Do you need to run a background check for a volunteer or staff person? First, contact your insurance company for recommendations and suggestions. 

The ELCA recommends Choice Point, a LexisNexis company, as a good resource for background checks. VolunteerSelect Plus, a service of Choice Point, is an online volunteer and employee screening service, providing a wide variety of background reports to the nonprofit industry. This Web-based service will allow registered 501(c)3 organizations to apply for a new account, order background reports and view the results of those searches within minutes. The VolunteerSelect Plus website offers affordable access to criminal records, credit reports, motor vehicle records, identity verifications and other resume credentialing information. All ELCA members should use a promotional code on the VolunteerSelect Plus signup form, and they will waive your setup fee. For more information on VolunteerSelect Plus services, prices, and ELCA promotional offers, visit the ELCA website here