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Malaria Campaign

Southeastern Synod Kicks Off ELCA Malaria Campaign Goal

Jonathan Trapp, Synod Malaria Campaign Coordinator, reflects on the campaign goal...

I feel very fortunate in that through the various activities and groups I am involved in, I get to talk with a lot of people.  It seems that whenever discussions turn to problems in our local area, or something we wish our government would (or wouldn't!) do, or about problems in the world, I hear a constant refrain of, ‘yeah, that is awful… but what can I do?  I’m just one person.’?  It’s a sentiment I completely understand, I've said it on too many occasions myself!

But the mistake in that line of thinking is that it focuses our thoughts on our actions and there is no discussion of God’s actions.  When Jesus is preaching and the disciples point out the many hungry people in the crowd, Jesus directs his disciples to feed them.  But the disciples essentially respond, ‘what can we do?  We only have these few fish and loaves of bread and the crowd is so big!’  But they do as the say and with just that little bit, everybody was fed.  What is so great to me about this event is that it reminds us how God takes our little bit and multiplies it; it reminds us that it’s about God’s actions!

With that in mind, our Synod Council set the Synod’s goals for the ELCA Malaria Campaign at the meeting in September.  The ELCA has committed to raising a total of $15 million by 2015 and by 2015 we have committed to raising $250,000 and have 100% of our congregations participate in the campaign.

While very few of us have $250,000 just lying around, we all have a little bit.  Looking at it as a massive goal means we might get discouraged and wonder how we can ever hope to raise so much when we have so little.  But God gives us this opportunity to participate in God’s work in the world through our ability to do just a little.  God multiplies our giving and this money goes to preventive treatments to stop malaria, treatment for the sick, education on the disease and on helping to end the poverty that so often accompanies this disease in the world.

We are looking for leaders in our congregations to help lead their individual campaigns.  We have resources, suggestions and even mosquito nets to help get you started.  Please contact Jonathan Trapp, our Synod Malaria Coordinator, at to get started.